September 13, 2023

News Anchor to PR Pro: Patrick Lloyd Promoted to Senior Account Executive

A born storyteller, Patrick Lloyd initially launched his career in television journalism. Patrick anchored the noon and 4 p.m. newscasts for WMBF News, the NBC affiliate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and created weekly feel-good feature stories for the station’s series “This Is Carolina.” After seven years in local TV news, Patrick made the jump to PR and media relations with Uproar in 2022.

Patrick started as an account executive and was recently promoted to senior account executive in August 2023. He now leverages his passion for storytelling and his TV news background to drive impactful results and increase brand awareness for Uproar’s B2B tech, health and wellness and sports clients.

Read more about Patrick’s journey:

UPROAR: What made you want to jump from journalism to PR?

PATRICK: I wanted to focus on telling stories in a different way. My favorite types of stories I told while working in TV were the positive ones – the stories about people accomplishing amazing feats, helping others in the community or overcoming hardships. While I got the chance to frequently tell positive stories in TV, I also had to cover lots of depressing news – crime, death, scandal, etc. Working in PR allows me to focus entirely on telling the good news, which I absolutely love. Every person and every company has positive stories to share, and I’m so grateful I get to play a role in telling those stories.

UPROAR: Publicists and journalists work closely together by nature, but you have the unique experience of having been in both roles. Does this provide you with a different perspective?

PATRICK: Whenever I’m pitching a story, I like to ask myself, “Would I cover this if I still worked as a reporter?” If the answer is no, I rewrite the pitch to make sure I’m doing everything I can to grab journalists’ attention. My knowledge of the newsroom and standing relationships with media members ensure the stories of our clients get in front of the right people. Uproar as an agency already has great expertise in securing TV coverage – it has been great to offer my insights to garner needle-moving coverage for our clients.

UPROAR: What has Uproar taught you most?

PATRICK: Teamwork and supportive company culture go a long way. My team was incredibly helpful in making sure my transition from journalism to PR was smooth. As I continue to expand my knowledge of the PR industry, Uproar leadership never hesitates to assist me with anything I need. I’ve learned a lot about how to build a strong relationship with clients, how to effectively lead a team and how to secure earned media that helps boost sales and increase brand awareness for clients. I’m extremely proud of the impactful media coverage we’ve secured for our clients, whether it’s local TV coverage or top tier national coverage.

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