November 21, 2018

Maximizing Local Media Outreach for Stronger Community Relationships

A key component to building stronger relationships with your community is to make sure your company is actively working toward the betterment of the people around you. When it comes to public relations, having a strong local tie with the community is just as important as the big national hits and targeted industry trade coverage.

When a client chooses to take an active role in their community, they are creating a more appealing work environment and positioning themselves positively in the market to attract more longtime shareholders. Investors not only want to see success, but also compassion and social responsibility.

Earlier this year, our healthcare team worked with the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center to further gain traction with its local media. The Nicholson Center is known for being one of the nation’s leading surgical training centers, utilizing state-of-the-art surgical suites, labs, advanced medical simulation robotics and learning centers. Medical professionals can acquire and advance their skills in a highly collaborative surgical learning environment. The Nicholson Center has seen national and trade medical success. However, its latest training program had the team opening its doors to educate and create a stronger, safer local community.

The Nicholson Center’s latest community-centric initiative was a collaboration with the Orlando Fire Department for an in-depth training developed to save more lives before an emergency reaches the hospital. It provided firefighter-paramedics with the most realistic training they have ever received.

Looking at this from a life-saving, heroic lens, we took this opportunity to focus on the strong local tie this story had to offer. After working hand-in-hand with top publications in Orlando, our team secured multiple pieces of coverage including the front page of the Orlando Sentinel and segments on two of the local TV stations, FOX and CBS.

The Nicholson Center’s active interest in their community resulted in a reach of over 56 million viewers and a stronger relationship with local media. Other media outlets around the U.S. also referred to the collaboration, providing great exposure for the training facility and fire department combined.

Incorporating local media helped to define Nicholson Center and Orlando positively, making it a more appealing place for future collaborations and partnerships. Local coverage helps keep the conversation going long after the next issue is printed and the new stories surface.

This is one of the many campaigns we have helped develop with an emphasis on local outreach. Our specialized teams also develop campaigns to assist in business expansion, startup development, product release, event marketing, and more. Whether it’s local or national, Uproar is dedicated to getting our clients best media for their business’s success and reputation.

Read more about the event in the Orlando Sentinel.

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