April 5, 2016

Reaching Millennials Through Social Media

It is a question we get from our clients from time to time…what is the best way to reach millennials on social media? It may not just be creating a Snapchat or Instagram account and thinking you can now relate. Millennials make up 25% of the population, they are the largest and most diverse generation in the U.S. that have received a bad reputation for always being “plugged in”, living in an on-demand world and sometimes said to set their expectations too high. Reputations aside, millennials have $200 billion in purchasing power each year ( US Chamber Foundation.org) and are the generation most brands wishes to reach.

Here are 6 ways to reach millennials to get them talking about your brand:

  1. Don’t over generalize

Millennials consider themselves to be unique, having different interests and beliefs from the next person, and should be treated as such. Your brand cannot speak to a broad audience and expect results. Narrow and define your target audiences, and craft the appropriate message to make a personal connection with these consumers.

  1. Transparency

Make it personal, share behind the scenes, and profile your employees and CEO’s. Millennials can recognize a canned response instantly. Making a personal connection online will show this market that you’re well connected, and a source for information and support.

  1. Products with a Purpose

Do you use organic ingredients, don’t purchase products from countries that promote children workers, or donate a certain percentage of proceeds to a cause? What is the reason you started your company or created your product? Millennials love to feel a part of a greater cause. Tell your story, show them where your goals lie and why they should join your mission.

  1. Share-worthy content

Millennials love to share content as a way of expressing what they like, what humors them, what they disagree with, and what peaks their interest. The more your content speaks to your millennial audience the more inclined they are to hit that share button. Use social media listening tools to determine hot topics for your audience and join relevant conversations.

  1. Proper platforms

Millennials are early adopters; they are first to hop on a new social media platform. But just because Millennials are trying out new platforms, doesn’t mean you should. Consider where your audience is active, and whether it makes sense for you to be there too. There’s no need to oversaturate the social world when you are using the appropriate platforms in an effective way.

  1. Social influencers

Millennials rely on social reviews before opting in for a new product or service. They’ll often ask their friends for recommendations, read company reviews, and strongly consider the opinions of bloggers and influencers they trust. Despite most users having caught on to paid sponsorships and influencers, they still heavily weigh the opinions of those they admire. Partnering with influential users among your target audience can have a direct impact on your bottom line.


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