December 6, 2017

Social Trends to Watch in 2018

When it comes to creating FOMO (fear of missing out) and building participation through social platforms, there’s also going to be a new trending hashtag and futuristic technologies to keep up with. So while we’re watching where augmented reality takes us in the coming years, the two social trends we’re eyeballing in 2018 are ephemeral content and validated social advertising.

Ephemeral Content

With ephemeral content like Snapchat and Instagram stories, they take a page from ZAYN and Taylor Swift’s 2017 hit song, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever.” That’s right — these short-lived photos and videos ranging from 1 second to 24 hours have taken over the social media realm.

According to Adweek, Snapchat is leading the way for ephemeral content with 10 billion video views daily. This form of quick, fleeting content provides an extra layer of authenticity and FOMO over other forms of social content. With Instagram and Facebook stories rising in popularity, this type of content will provide the best engagement rates in 2018.

The Uproar social team is taking ephemeral content in stride and brainstorming ways to best bring this form of visual storytelling to our specific clients’ needs. Whether that means boosting a new product launch with Instagram stories or building brand awareness through Snapchat, rest assured that we’ll keep your social fresh and relevant for your target audience.

Validated social advertising

While Big Data offers us analytics on engagement and ways to measure conversions, our social team is focusing on how to couple this with more authentic branding. To do this, we use a mix of User-Generated Content (UGC) and social media influencers that validate our clients’ products and services to expanded audiences.

According to Social Media Today, the rise of influencer marketing is here to stay. Finding the right social influencer such as an Orlando foodie to post about your restaurant or a fitness guru to post about your exercise product can sharply increase engagement and followers. While we’ve seen great results from this with some of our own clients, it’s important to simultaneously use UGC, which is considered the most authentic among millennials.

We’re excited to see our clients’ social channels grow with these trends in 2018!


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