September 11, 2020

PRFECT Insights Featuring Ermis Sfakiyanudis, Executive Chairman at Uproar PR

This week’s PRFECT episode features a special guest as our CEO, Catriona Harris, sits down with Ermis Sfakiyanudis, Executive Chairman here at Uproar PR. Ermis acquired Uproar last year after having been a client multiple times over the years and having an interest in taking the agency to the next level.

Based in Annapolis at the time – a large up-and-coming tech scene – Ermis saw an impressive story Uproar secured one of its tech clients, which happened to be a neighboring business to Ermis’s company. Ermis quickly inquired about Uproar’s services and began what would turn into a lasting relationship.

Ermis was a client of Uproar multiple times starting back in 2005, looking for PR services for different companies including a music business, a salad dressing company, and in late 2010, a tech startup in the data security space. After years of garnering great coverage, Ermis and Uproar stayed in touch, leading to Ermis’s last stop as Executive Chairman at Uproar.

PRFECT Insights Featuring Ermis Sfakiyanudis - Uproar PR

In this PRFECT episode, Ermis highlights how he knew the investment in PR was worthwhile, discussing how most people don’t realize the amount of effort behind the scenes of a PR company. Businesses need to know how to differentiate themselves, create a strong value proposition and craft the right messaging for the story they are trying to tell – all of which take a high level of strategy and industry knowledge. For Ermis, the value in the investment came as the Uproar team was committed to understanding his business and getting in front of the right reporters to secure impactful coverage.

What’s next for Ermis and Uproar? As he puts it, “the market is speaking to us” and Uproar will continue to stick with its core of media relations. Additionally, in order to amplify clients’ coverage, an increase in digital capabilities will play a key role in helping to get content and coverage out as Uproar continues to help clients grow.

Check out the PRFECT Insights episode below to learn more about Ermis’s story, his most memorable PR campaign and what he finds most surprising about PR:

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