June 18, 2024

PRFECT Insights with Austin Mac Nab, Founder and CEO at VizyPay

VizyPay came to Uproar PR in 2020 not only to break through the noise of the crowded payments industry, but to also find a true partner that would be passionate in telling VizyPay’s unique story.

VizyPay is not your typical fintech. With its focus on small businesses in rural America, the company is bringing advanced payment technology to a segment historically underserved by the industry. Founder & CEO Austin Mac Nab is also redefining what it means to be a company leader. With his mantra being “Let’s F*cking Go,” or LFG for short, he is not afraid to be bold and audacious – always letting his team know his thoughts and vision for the company. More than that, he encourages his team to do the same. A strong company culture is the foundation of VizyPay, giving people the freedom to collaborate, celebrate wins, and, if one were to fail, to fail quickly and learn from the experience.

Every company has a unique story to tell, and this is VizyPay’s. Listen in as Uproar PR owner & CEO Ermis Sfakiyanudis speaks with Mac Nab on how public relations elevates VizyPay’s brand:


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