August 27, 2020

PRFECT Insights with Dr. Anthony Orsini, Founder and President of The Orsini Way

In this week’s episode of Uproar PR’s PRFECT Insights Series, our CEO, Catriona Harris, speaks with Dr. Anthony Orsini. The practicing neonatologist is also founder and president of The Orsini Way, a communications training company that helps business leaders and healthcare professionals navigate difficult conversations and build strong relationships. 

Dr. Orsini became dedicated to improving the medical industry’s communication training after realizing that even the best doctors struggle to deliver difficult news to patients and their families. He founded The Orsini Way, and since then, has trained thousands of senior physicians, nurses, and practitioners on compassionate communication. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many business and HR leaders to have difficult conversations with their employees, and in response, Dr. Orsini expanded his training program to include the business realm. Uproar PR held a significant role in amplifying this expansion and positioning Dr. Orsini as a leader in HR and business communication by securing articles in Forbes, Employee Benefit News and Staffing Stream.  

In the video, Dr. Orsini discusses the important role public relations plays for building awareness and credibility for both the company and his personal brand. He also touches on why his team at Uproar PR has proven effective compared to his past experience working with agencies.  

Check out the full PRFECT Insights episode below!

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