June 24, 2020

PRFECT Insights with Mike Janke of DataTribe

In this PRFECT Insights webinar, we speak with Mike Janke, co-founder of DataTribe, a cybersecurity startup studio. DataTribe helps cyber startups and focuses on co-building the next generation of commercial cybersecurity, analytics and big data products. In this episode, Uproar PR’s executive chairman, Ermis Sfakiyanudis, spoke with Mike about what inspired him to begin DataTribe, what sets it apart, and how he views PR and marketing in the startup space. 


Public relations is always an investment, especially for a startup. According to Mike, your own network can only get you so far before you need to reach further. When your company is in the beginning stages, developing strong messaging can set you apart from competitors. To Mike, having an effective PR strategy is a “must-have, not a nice to have.” 

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