May 16, 2019

Uproar’s Healthcare PR Director Presents at PRSA Health Academy Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Laura Poe, Uproar’s healthcare PR account director, was honored to be selected to co-present at last month’s Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Health Academy conference in Phoenix. The annual conference brings together both in-house and agency professionals who specialize in strategic public relations and communications techniques for the unique challenges in the healthcare industry.

Poe shared the stage with Lilly Graziani, director of corporate development at AdventHealth Nicholson Center, a longtime client of Uproar’s healthcare PR practice. Their presentation highlighted a partnership Uproar helped spark between Nicholson Center and another agency client, World Housing Solution. Together the two companies developed mobile and telemedicine solutions to send to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

As a result of their partnership, three Clinics on Wheels medical solutions shipped to the island of Vieques with Mobile Medical Units to connect healthcare providers on the island to the mainland. This granted residents much-needed access to quality medical treatment and routine doctor visits while much of the island was without power.

Graziani leveraged the Zoom video interface that powers the telemedicine technology in the Clinics on Wheels to remotely present her portion of the talk from AdventHealth Nicholson Center in Florida, allowing attendees to get a better feel for the healthcare solutions this partnership provided to the people of Puerto Rico.

The presentation showcased how the right partnership can make a difference and allowed for Uproar to provide insight into the role PR plays in identifying and facilitating these partnerships.

Uproar’s healthcare PR team works with a variety of clients across the industry. From providing mental health treatments and resources, to major biotech investments, to now facilitating the partnerships that improve quality of life, Uproar is an expert at identifying the impact its clients have on their communities and the healthcare landscape.

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