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We are experts in all facets of the technology realm and shine when it comes to getting the message out to the world about your product, startup or service. Representing some of the tech scene’s hottest companies, our team has the industry expertise and media relationships to produce top tier results.

Uproar Launches Myo's Revolutionary Gesture-control Armband

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Canadian startup, Thalmic Labs, came to Uproar to launch its revolutionary gesture-control armband, Myo, to the world for the first time. Since consumers have never seen anything like Myo before, Uproar got creative in how to capture the attention of the everyday consumer, not just the early adopters of technology. Uproar created “Unleash Your Inner Jedi” as an easy visual for understanding all of Myo’s capabilities. Uproar’s media relations strategy positioned Myo to be one of the most highly anticipated technology products of 2014 across the board.

To drive pre-orders to more than 50,000, Uproar has secured press coverage multiple times in the leading technology outlets, including TechCrunch, GigaOM and PandoDaily, and from technology journalists with major national outlets, including Forbes, Scientific American and Fast Company.

PR efforts for Thalmic Labs had journalists anxiously awaiting their chance to try Myo. Uproar has capitalized on the excitement twice with New York press tours giving top-tier outlets the opportunity to see the Myo. The meetings with Popular Mechanics resulted in a 2013 Breakthrough Award. This award featured Myo amongst the world’s top 10 innovations for the year and prominently featured the device and the CEO on The TODAY Show. Uproar landed Thalmic Labs a one-on-one with the editor-in-chief of Mashable, resulting in a great first review called “Halfway to Iron Man” and a host of social posts from the editor.

Uproar continued momentum by recommending three full days of press meetings off-site at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show as the company did not have any official booth space. Stories in Inc., New York Post, CNBC, the Huffington Post and CNET gave glowing reviews of the experience with Myo. Digital Trends even named Thalmic one of the Best of CES 2014, an award typically only given to companies with official presence at the show.

As Thalmic gets closer to releasing the Myo, Uproar has created a steady stream of stories with outreach around company announcements, including an exclusive with the Wall Street Journal unveiling the final design to the world. Additional press pushes also included positioning Myo as a partner to Google Glass, which caught the attention of AOL, SlashGear, Engadget and The Next Web to name a few. Deemed the year of consumer tech by Business Insider, through Uproar’s outreach, Thalmic Labs landed on its list of the best startups that launched in 2013.

Uproar PR Launches the Nymi Band

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Nymi, a Toronto startup changing biometric technology, came to Uproar to launch the world’s first cardiac identification technology for consumers, the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band is a wristband that reads your unique ECG or heartbeat to authenticate and communicate your identity to your devices. Uproar capitalized on the trends of security, biometric technology and wearable technology to garner interest in this novel device.

As Nymi’s first consumer product, Uproar introduced the Nymi Band to top-tier technology and business journalists, resulting in coverage in more than 250 outlets in the days surrounding the launch of the product. Every major technology news site, including Ars Technica, CNET, GigaOM, TechCrunch and PandoDaily, posted stories introducing the exciting new concept behind the Nymi Band, as well as science publications like Popular Science. The Nymi Band also caught the attention of national business outlets, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business Insider and Fox Business. Within days of launch, thousands of pre-orders had been placed.

Securing press meetings at top tradeshows such as CES and SXSW has been a huge benefit to Nymi’s campaign. These meetings resulted in coverage in CNBC, Associated Press, Popular Mechanics and Barron’s. Uproar continues to garner leading technology industry and consumer technology coverage about the Nymi Band through new application announcements and positioning the company as a thought leader in biometric technology. Outreach around the Nymi Band’s first Bitcoin application resulted in coverage in the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post. Uproar has secured multiple opportunities, including WIRED and ReadWrite around how wearables will impact the workplace and the future of the password to further the understanding of what the Nymi Band will be able to do. The company’s recent Series A announcement garnered the attention of VentureBeat, Forbes, Reuters and VentureWire to name a few.

Uproar has also worked to establish Nymi leadership as must-have speakers at various wearables and tech events. As a result of consistent coverage in MIT Technology Review, Andrew D’Souza, president, was chosen to present at EmTech, the site’s major tech show that placed Nymi in a room of thought leaders and ideal potential partners.

With a successful introduction to the world and climbing pre-order numbers, Uproar continues to look for opportunities to feature not only the Nymi Band, but the team as experts in biometric technology, resulting in placements in national outlets such as Forbes and Inc. Magazine.

Uproar PR Launches Modiface's Series of New Beauty Apps

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Creators of virtual makeover apps, ModiFace, came to Uproar in May 2014 to launch a series of new beauty apps. In just eight months’ time, Uproar has successfully established a network of prominent publications and influencers engaged in ModiFace’s apps and technology. Launching the first app, Beautiful Me, Uproar helped position the app as a game-changer and sparked the conversation that it brings a new level of understanding to skin analysis never accessible through an app before.

Uproar then launched ModiFace’s newest augmented reality app, Beauty Mirror. Through Uproar’s launch efforts Beauty Mirror was positioned as the latest and most innovative use of Augmented Reality technology available to consumers through a mobile application with technology, beauty, women’s interest, and general consumer media.

Following Beauty Mirror, Uproar launched the first app from one of ModiFace’s umbrella companies, Wedding Reality, Inc. called Wedding Dress Studio. Uproar positioned Wedding Dress Studio as a game-changing app and sparked conversations with media covering the bridal, technology, women’s interest & fashion industries.

Uproar has worked to launch another series of apps from ModiFace including Hair Studio and Virtual Nail Salon as well as its Looking Glass enterprise platform. Hair Studio and Virtual Nail Salon used ModiFace’s personalization technology to bring a new level of professional effects to beauty apps. The company’s newest ad platform, Looking Glass, was positioned as an innovator combining augmented reality and advertising, as it gives companies the ability to let consumers preview beauty products featured on their websites using their own photos.

ModiFace’s apps have captured the attention of leading journalists not only as a must—have app, but as an industry-innovator in the ever-changing realm of mobile application technology. ModiFace, Beautiful Me, Beauty Mirror and Wedding Dress Studio have been featured in top-tier publications, such as Reuters, VentureBeat, USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, AOL On Tech, Tom’s Guide, PSFK, AdAge, TrendHunter, Refinery 29, Fashinvest, YouBeauty, Health, Bustle, Marie Claire, ABCNews, BuzzFeed, NBCNews, Wedding Journal and Yahoo! News to name a few.

Uproar PR Educates Technology and Travel Media on New Waygo App

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Waygo, the only mobile app that instantly translates Chinese and Japanese text into English with the wave of a smartphone, teamed up with Uproar PR to inform tech enthusiasts and frequent travelers alike about the app. To reach this audience, Uproar targeted technology and travel media from top tier outlets, inflight magazine publications and mobile app writers. Uproar also identified contributed opportunities for Waygo’s CEO, Ryan Rogowski, in business publications such as the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, Uproar identified and pursued various awards & speaking engagements for Waygo and its creators.

As a result of Uproar’s strategic media targeting, Waygo was featured in prominent tech publications such as The Next Web, Gizmodo and TechCrunch, as well as leading national publications such as the The New York Times, ABC News, Time and Entrepreneur Magazine.

When Waygo wanted to expand outreach to include Asian-focused outlets, Uproar researched and secured placements in Time Out Beijing, Tokyo Weekender, Singapore Business Review, Yahoo! Singapore and more. Additionally, as a result of Uproar’s outreach, Waygo was included in the Apps of the Month section of Sawubona Magazine, South African Airlines’ in-flight magazine.

Uproar’s thorough research on potential awards, speaking engagements and relevant tradeshows for Waygo resulted in Waygo’s win in the entertainment category at the 2014 SXSW Accelerator. Additionally, Uproar identified award opportunities and speaking engagements for the Forbes 2013 Most Exciting Startups, Forbes 30 Under 30, Singapore Business Review 30 Under 30 App Developers, PhoCusWright Tradeshow, GMIC and more.

A social media campaign was implemented by Uproar on Waygo’s Facebook and Twitter pages to include giveaways and contests and drive social engagement from fans. As a result, both pages saw an increase in fans, with acquisition climbing steadily each month.


Uproar PR excels in educating consumers about the latest and greatest trends and products across a broad spectrum of industries including, food, apparel, beauty, health, restaurants and professional services. Our team’s strength is due to an aggressive and strategic approach, which provides our clients with the platform they need to build a recognizable brand and become a household name.

Uproar PR Secures Local & National Media Coverage for Premium Chocolates

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Marich Confectionery, came to Uproar in order to secure local and national media placements to bring attention to their brand of premium chocolates. With an assortment of unique products, Uproar worked to gain interest in a variety of print, online and television verticals.

Throughout the time period that Marich and Uproar have worked together, Uproar has secured meetings with writers, editors and producers from targeted top tier outlets. These outlets cover everything from food and drink to lifestyle and entertainment. Marich has seen recent coverage for its Valentine’s Collection in top publications such as People, Examiner.com, Shecky’s, and PopSugar. Marich has also been recognized in top consumer publications like Woman’s Day and Ladies’ Home Journal for Mother’s Day.

Uproar continues to focus efforts for Marich on coverage with their target audiences in trade and consumer publications. Marich appears regularly in outlets such as Manufacturing Confectioner Magazine and Confectionery News, as well as on Bridal Guide Magazine and Relish.com. Uproar is consistently promoting any new Marich products at tradeshows like The Fancy Food Show and Sweets & Snacks Expo. We always position Marich’s new products as a must see for the attending press and have garnered coverage with outlets like The Huffington Post, Candy and Snack Today, The Star-Ledger and Cuisine Noir Magazine.

Uproar has successfully established a network of industry and consumer outlets that are engaged in the current and future products Marich has to offer.

Uproar PR Maximizes Press Opportunities for Body Glove's 60th Anniversary

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World-renowned brand, Body
Glove International, came to
Uproar to garner media attention
surrounding their 60th anniversary
as a company as well as the release
of their own book written by
co-founder Bob Meistrell. Uproar
ramped up the attention surrounding Body Glove as a company and gained media placements to promote how far they have come from a business standpoint.

Through the promotion of the Body Glove 60th Anniversary and the “Fits Like a Glove” book that was to be published, Uproar secured meetings and interest with producers, writers and editors from top tier media outlets. These media outlets are known for covering the most prominent of subjects nationally and internationally, making them the perfect target audience for Body Glove reaching
an amazing milestone. Uproar arranged briefings and meetings
 with major outlets such as Forbes, Maxim, CNN Money and the Today Show. This coverage directed interest towards the different successes that Body Glove had achieved over the years, as well
as what they see for their future. The briefings with these outlets resulted in coverage in a multitude of publications, as well as interest about the publishing date of the book, one of Uproar’s ultimate goals for the outreach.

Uproar continually focuses on support from surfing and extreme sports publications as well as those outlets that promote successful businesses and innovation. Body Glove’s 60th anniversary resulted
in major coverage from outlets such as Sports Business Daily, ESPN Xgames, KTLA-TV, and more.
Uproar has established a network of national publications and experts that are now engaged in the Body Glove brand of products beyond the 60th anniversary and the publication of the book. Uproar expanded the reach of the Body Glove name beyond the specific subject that was necessary and continues to do so.

Uproar PR Builds Hype for New Smyrna Marina's New Property and Restaurant

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New Smyrna Marina, the only luxury marina in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, came to Uproar PR to build awareness of its new property which was currently under construction at the time the teams first met. A full-service community with wet and dry docks, an on-site restaurant, boat rentals and luxury cottages, New Smyrna Marina wanted to target Central Floridians, tourists and travelers, home buyers, and the boating and fishing community.

To meet this goal, Uproar PR set right to work, garnering local coverage of the construction of the Marina. Resulting stories included daily newspapers and TV outlets in OrlandoTampa and Daytona Beach.

Since opening, Uproar PR has been instrumental in continuing the media buzz for New Smyrna Marina by helping to create and promote on-site events. These various events have not only secured local and national media coverage (The Fishing Wire,Daytona Beach News-Journal, and In the Bite), but have also helped to build the brand’s social following and engagement. In addition, Uproar has leveraged holidays and existing menu items to secure both local and national media coverage.

Uproar continues to bring positive media and consumer attention to the new luxury waterfront property through regular outreach and strategic media relations. The social media campaign continues to drive real-time, two-way engagement between visitors and the marina, providing a place for people to talk about why they love the restaurant and other offerings.

Uproar PR Garners Impressive Thought Leadership Opportunities in the Staffing Industry for Kavaliro

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Kavaliro, an award-winning national staffing company, came to Uproar to help secure local and national media placements to help in establishing them as experts and thought leaders in the staffing industry and beyond. Uproar worked to create a media relations strategy where mentions, commentary and features for Kavaliro were placed in high level industry and consumer publications and TV outlets across America.

Throughout the time period that Kavaliro and Uproar have worked together, Uproar has secured opportunities for placement with reporters and editors from targeted top tier outlets. These outlets cover everything from business and finance, to job recruitment and social media trends. The Kavaliro name has now become synonymous with staffing and economy news. Featured in world-renowned outlets such as The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine and Bloomberg, Kavaliro and its executives are now go-to sources when big stories are breaking.

Uproar continues to focus heavily on the largest and most respected outlets for Kavaliro coverage. The experts in jobs, economics, finance and business are now coming to Kavaliro for thought leadership and quotes on what’s going on in our world. From consistent local coverage on FOX 35 and in the Orlando Business Journal to national coverage in Business News Daily and Mashable, Kavaliro has become a and established brand. Uproar continually supplements Kavaliro’s efforts to constantly be thought of for expert commentary in top tier outlets with trade coverage in the industry.

Uproar works to position Kavaliro as staffing industry leader with consistent coverage in trade publications such as ZipRecruiter, Recruiter.com and The Staffing Stream. Uproar has successfully established a network of industry and consumer outlets that are engaged in the current and future knowledge from Kavaliro and its executives.

Uproar PR Positions First Green Bank as a Thought Leader in Banking

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Mount Dora, Florida-based bank, First GREEN Bank came to Uproar to garner awareness for its various community initiatives and new branch opening as it expanded its reach within the Central Florida region. While working with Uproar, First GREEN Bank has captured the attention of leading business outlets, not only as a key community partner but as a strategic thought-leader in the finance and sustainability sectors.

Uproar continually focuses on establishing First GREEN Bank as a business community leader in Central Florida with environmentally conscious and sustainability values. Through local outreach surrounding the bank’s branch openings and specialized programs Uproar has secured stories in many local media outlets including Orlando Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal, i4 Business Magazine, Daily Commercial, Ormond Beach Observer, Florida Banking Magazine, Lake Sentinel, Winter Park / Maitland Observer, SODO News, The Daytona Beach News-Journal and Tampa Bay Business Journal, among others.

In addition to building local awareness surrounding the bank’s environmental and social initiatives Uproar has continuously researched national media topics to tie the bank into thought leadership opportunities. As a result of Uproar’s trend pitching, First GREEN Bank has been featured in national publications including CNN Money, Fox Business, The Washington Post, Yahoo!, Staples, Clean Technica, Bank News and American Banker.

To continue building the bank’s brand, Uproar focuses on both award opportunities and speaking engagements for both First GREEN Bank and the bank’s CEO, Ken LaRoe. To date, application submissions have awarded the bank recognition in The 2014 Inc. 5000, Sustainable Florida Best Practices Awards, Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work for 2014, C-Level Awards for the Orlando Business Journal and Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. Most recently, LaRoe was granted a speaking slot at the 2014 SXSW Eco event.

Uproar has successfully established a network of local and national media who continue to be engaged in not only First GREEN Bank’s financial offerings but their greater social message as well. Through Uproar’s work, First GREEN Bank has become synonymous with Central Florida banking.

Uproar PR Implements a Targeted Media Relations and Community Outreach Campaign for Cocina 214

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As Texas transplants now residing in Florida, the owners of Cocina 214 set out to develop a contemporary Tex-Mex restaurant concept. To tell this story and generate awareness for the restaurant Cocina 214 sought to create a partnership with public relations agency, Uproar PR.

Known for its high-impact results, Uproar PR began a targeted media relations and community outreach campaign to promote the restaurant while also sharing its defining differences. Securing feature segments on WOFL-TV Fox 35, WESH-TV 2 & 18, and Central Florida News TV 13, Uproar PR’s media relations strategy captured the attention of local media outlets with coverage in the Orlando Sentinel, Visit Florida and several other local and regional dining publications, both in print and online. The Uproar team also garnered national recognition for the brand for its inventive drinks with publications like PopSugar and People.

Following a successful media campaign, Uproar PR focused on amplifying Cocina 214’s inaugural Cinco de Mayo Block Party and Running of the Chihuahuas event. The account team developed an extensive event plan that leveraged media outreach where several local media hits were secured as well as national placement on Good Morning America. The team’s outreach bolstered attendance to more than 1,000 people, turning Cinco de Mayo at Cocina 214 into an annual “can’t miss” event in Winter Park.

Uproar also conceptualized and created a social media campaign for the Cocina 214 Facebook in order to drive traffic to the page and increase the restaurant brand identity. Frequent posts highlighting new menu items, award opportunities, happy hour specials, food holidays, events and more drive the overall interactions and engagement on the page.

A recipient of several “Best of” accolades, Uproar PR’s efforts have helped Cocina 214 earn recognition as an award-winning restaurant in various categories, most recently their sweeping wins for Best Happy Hour, Cocktail, Family Place, Mexican/Tex-Mex, Dessert and Appetizer in Orlando Life’s Silver Spoon Awards. Other notable awards include Best Mexican/Tex-Mex and Best Happy Hour in Orlando Magazine’s Dining Awards, and Best Mexican, Best Overall Restaurant, Best Power Lunch, Best Brunch and Best Tex-Mex in Orlando Sentinel’s Foodie Awards. Cocina 214 was also recognized as Good for Groups in Open Table’s Diner’s Choice Awards.

Uproar PR Garners Coverage for Grand Opening of RA Sushi’s First Orlando Location

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Uproar was brought on to coordinate the grand opening of RA Sushi’s first Orlando location, and its first restaurant opening in more than five years. Uproar assisted the RA Sushi team in quietly opening the restaurant while preparing for a full media launch. In the time leading up to the opening date, the Uproar team conducted extensive research on relevant media targets both directly in the Orlando market, and those in RA Sushi’s potential drive markets.

Shortly after it’s opening, Uproar planned a VIP Media Luncheon for 11 of the area’s top restaurant critics. To make a big splash, Uproar hand-delivered media invites to each, featuring a branded set of chopsticks and an invitation, to dine and tour the new restaurant. Not only did the invitations themselves secure media coverage, but the event resulted in coverage in the Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal, The Daily City and Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide, among others. To keep the buzz alive, Uproar coordinate a second media event for area bloggers which resulted in coverage on Droolius, About Orlando, Tasty Chomps, Orlando Fun and Food, Orlando Food Scene and Go Epicurista, among others. Uproar’s continues to leverage these existing relationships to keep the buzz alive by promoting menu updates, in-restaurant events and LTOs.

Uproar has also been instrumental in helping to create news for the RA Sushi location. By researching and leveraging national food holidays, Uproar has secured placements for the brand both locally and nationally. The company was most recently featured in a USA Today roundup of Spooky Spirits. In addition, the Orlando team has participated in an in-studio segment for national TV show, The Daily Buzz, and, as a result of Uproar’s relationship with the editor, was included in a USA Today 10 Best roundup.

In addition to media relations, Uproar assists RA Sushi in researching and targeting potential award and event opportunities in and around the Orlando area. As part of this outreach, Uproar was able to secure RA Sushi’s participation in Taste of the Nation Orlando, an exclusive event hosted by No Kid Hungry that features the top restaurants in Central Florida. Uproar also locked in RA Sushi as the exclusive VIP partner for Orlando’s Come Out with Pride event.

Uproar is currently working with the team to build out a 2015 campaign plan, and is in the process of coordinating a concierge taste to target the I-Drive area hotels during convention season.



Uproar PR has an extensive background in developing and executing PR campaigns for enterprise companies. From software, to big data, to mobile technologies, we have helped clients throughout the enterprise landscape build brand awareness to set them apart from their competitors. With every campaign, Uproar PR has its sights on driving sales through aggressive media relations, securing thought leadership opportunities and educating the market on our client’s key differentiators.

Uproar PR Educates Market on Best Practices to Keep Data Secure

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Filled with high profile security hacks and data breaches, 2014 was a challenging year for businesses and their customers. Leading password manager LastPass sought Uproar’s expertise in media relations to elevate the profile of the company, helping educate consumers and businesses on best practices to keep data secure.

Because LastPass is already a widely used tool, the company receives a significant amount of organic and inbound press coverage. Uproar’s goal was to generate additional opportunities to share the expertise of LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist in consumer and business-focused media.

Every time a data breach or news of a hack surfaced, Uproar mobilized its resources to find opportunities to provide expertise. From Heartbleed to the Stubhub data leak, Uproar secured coverage for LastPass in Business InsiderNBC News and ReadWrite, among others. This helped to position the company as a leader in the industry and a trusted resource related to cybersecurity issues.

As LastPass continued to evolve its product, Uproar has also worked to communicate multiple feature updates. By pitching targeted technology and security reporters, Uproar landed LastPass coverage in publications such as MashableBetaNews and PCMag.

In addition to these efforts, Uproar PR also developed timely thought leadership topics focusing on cybersecurity practices. Latching on to trending topics such as wearable technology and BYOD policies as a hook, Uproar secured opportunities with Fox News and FierceCIO.

Security issues took center stage in the media world this year, and Uproar PR ensured LastPass was at the forefront of the issues to help communicate how to protect the digital world. LastPass is now a go-to and credible resource for many mainstream reporters.

Uproar PR Expanded 3dcart's Reach within Online Retailing Realm

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Tamarac, Florida based ecommerce platform, 3dcart, came to Uproar to garner awareness for its various new initiatives and business partnerships as it expanded its reach within the online retailing realm. Since signing on with Uproar, 3dcart has seen a surge in sales and a dramatic increase in web traffic.

3dcart has captured the attention of leading business and tech journalists and analysts, not only as a purveyor of next-gen software, but as a strategic thought-leader within the ecommerce industry. 3dcart has been featured in top-tier publications across a myriad of industry spaces including The New York Times, TechCrunch, Internet Retailer, CIO, Website Magazine, FOX News Small Business Center, Yahoo! Small Business, eCommerce Week, SiliconAngle and the Associated Press to name a few.

Uproar has successfully established a network of national publications and industry experts engaged in 3dcart’s product offerings and has positioned 3dcart as an industry expert. Through Uproar’s targeted outreach, 3dcart is now synonymous with internet retailing.


Healthcare is rapidly changing, creating unique opportunities for companies in the industry to present interesting products and services to solve the system’s challenges. We thoroughly understand the media landscape and discussion taking place to find the angles and expert commentary opportunities to get you noticed.

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Noble is a leader in educational tools and device training for the pharmaceutical industry, helping brands close the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients. As Noble offers a unique solution for brands and is chartering a new space within the industry, Noble came to Uproar to establish credibility as a thought leader and create awareness in the industry.

Uproar’s targeted approach to top-tier pharmaceutical and medical device publications produced meaningful contributed article opportunities for Noble to showcase expertise in On Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Commerce, Med Device Online, MM&M Magazine and more. Even more recently, their expertise through contributed articles was featured in FierceDrugDelivery, Drug Discovery & Development, Today’s Medical Developments and Drug Development & Delivery.

The On Drug Delivery article resulted in a meeting with a top pharmaceutical brand interested in training. As Noble attended important industry tradeshows, Uproar also sought coverage in tradeshow publications, resulting in inclusion in the Paternal Drug Association Letter and Paternal Drug Association Journal to drive interest at the show. For the 2014 PDA Show, Noble was a well-recognized name and was highly sought after on the show floor due to their first speaking opportunity at the show. This speaking opportunity was granted as a result of coverage during past shows. Uproar outreach has also secured additional speaking opportunities for Noble. As a result of a contributed article opportunity with Pharmaceutical Medical and Packaging News, Noble’s top R&D expert was invited to speak at a leading industry tradeshow. Additionally, Uproar PR secured speaking opportunities with Injectable Drug Delivery, RDD Europe 2015, PharmaPack NA and The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes.

Uproar has also focused on establishing Noble within its own local business community in Orlando by targeting healthcare reporters about Noble’s corporate growth story, resulting in coverage by Orlando’s top healthcare journalists at the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Journal.

Business award opportunities have also provided a great opportunity for Noble to establish itself as a growing and important player. As a result of Uproar’s nomination efforts, Noble was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by the 2013 and 2014 Inc. 5000 lists and the Orlando Business Journals Fast 50. Uproar’s nomination efforts also resulted in Noble being named winner of the 2014 SMART Awards Healthcare category. Noble’s CEO, Jeff Baker, was also selected as CEO of the Year honoree for Orlando Business Journal’s 2014 CEO of the Year award.