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Consumer Tech

We are experts in all facets of the technology realm and shine when it comes to getting the message out to the world about your product, startup or service. Representing some of the tech scene’s hottest companies, our team has the industry expertise and media relationships to produce top tier results.

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Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, Kuna came to Uproar to maintain momentum from its initial press introduction. As a smart home security camera built into an outdoor light, Kuna wanted to reach specific targets including home, lifestyle and technology publications in both online and print outlets.

In order to establish Kuna’s credibility in the market, Uproar suggested sending product samples to targeted media contacts. Through this outreach, Uproar secured reviews totaling more than 816M impressions in CNET, PCMag, TechHive, MakeUseOf, GottaBeMobile and Tribune Media. The Tribune Media review alone was syndicated in more than 15 local publications nationwide, including the Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee and the Idaho Statesman. As a result of these reviews, Kuna was also named one of the Best DIY Security Products of 2016 by CNET and one of the Best Home Security Cameras of 2016 by PCMag.

To build awareness for Kuna in the consumer vertical, Uproar pivoted its media relations strategy and highlighted Kuna in mainstream consumer round ups and holiday gift guides. Through this approach, Uproar has secured coverage for Kuna in Forbes, CBS News, Heavy, TechRadar, Gear Patrol, Cool Mom Tech, The Drive, Digital Trends and Adweek among others.

Uproar also regularly monitors the news for breaking stories within the industry to establish Kuna as a thought leader. For example, following the announcement for the new Nest Cam Outdoor, Uproar quickly crafted a strategic campaign and pitched Kuna as an alternative exterior home security solution. This resulted in coverage in BuzzFeed, TechHive and SiliconAngle. In order to build up the credibility of Kuna’s executives, Uproar also pitched Haomiao Huang, Kuna’s CTO, as a source to discuss industry trends. Haomiao’s commentary has been included in Forbes and Fortune.

In order to further establish brand credibility, Uproar suggested leveraging customer testimonials to highlight Kuna’s use cases for everyday consumers. One of these use cases leveraged videos of intruders or break in attempts that customers catch on their Kuna devices. Through this strategy, Uproar secured an article for Kuna in Reuters about technology to help prevent package theft from outside of houses. The story was also featured in TIME, The Huffington Post and CNBC, among other major outlets.

Based on Kuna’s overall campaign strategy, Uproar also recommended a number of opportunities for Kuna team members to speak at relevant tradeshows and apply for awards. Uproar managed the process for these opportunities on the company’s behalf, in addition to all on-the-ground media opportunities at events. For example, Uproar secured an opportunity for Kuna’s CTO at the Re.Work Connect Summit, where he spoke among other professionals from Google, Siemens Research Hub and Ford Motor Company.

At CES 2016, the largest annual consumer electronics tradeshow, Uproar drove the strategy behind Kuna’s attendance. Uproar not only helped Kuna launch a new product at the show, but also developed messaging materials, conducted CES-specific media training with Kuna’s executives, coordinated on-the-ground media interviews and led the social media strategy. As a result Kuna was featured in CNET, Yahoo! Tech, Sunset, Consumer Reports, TWICE, Home Alarm Report, MacSources and TrendHunter; and was selected as one of Real Trends’ Best of CES 2016 products. These placements resulted in 6.3B total impressions.

In addition to handling media relations, awards and tradeshows for Kuna, Uproar also drives the strategies behind the company’s social media pages. Through organic and paid tactics, Uproar has helped Kuna’s social media reach grow to over 60,000 fans. Uproar did this by creating a monthly social media content calendar for each platform, brainstorming creative campaigns to engage users and acts as a second set of eyes for Kuna’s customer support by monitoring daily social activity across all platforms.

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Nymi, a Toronto startup changing the role of identity in technology, came to Uproar to launch the world’s first cardiac identification technology for consumers, the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band is a wristband that reads your unique ECG or heartbeat to authenticate and communicate your identity to your devices and world.

Uproar’s initial strategy in 2012 introduced the Nymi Band to top-tier technology and business journalists, resulting in coverage in more than 250 outlets. Every major technology news site, including TechCrunch, Ars Technica, CNET, GigaOM, and PandoDaily, posted stories introducing the exciting new concept behind the Nymi Band, as well as science publications like Popular Science. Uproar also caught the attention of national business outlets, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business Insider and Fox Business. Within days of launch, thousands of pre-orders had been placed.

As a part of Nymi’s overall brand strategy, Uproar suggested attending national tradeshows such as CES and SXSW. Uproar coordinated attendance and worked to secure press meetings at these shows, which proved impactful to Nymi’s campaign. Through meetings secured by the Uproar team, Nymi has been featured in CNN, TIME, CNBC, Associated Press, Forbes, Popular Mechanics and Barron’s. Uproar continued to garner leading technology industry and consumer technology coverage about the Nymi Band through new application announcements, company updates and by positioning Nymi’s CEO as a thought leader in secure and convenient authentication. For example:

  1. Outreach around the Nymi Band’s first Bitcoin application resulted in coverage in the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post.
  2. Uproar secured articles with WIRED and ReadWrite around how wearables will impact the workplace and the future of the password.
  3. The company’s Series A funding announcement garnered the attention of VentureBeat, Forbes, Reuters and VentureWire to name a few.

When Nymi decided to shift its focus to enterprise, Uproar successfully navigated the change of Nymi’s audience from consumer to enterprise by strategically planning announcements around Nymi’s pilot programs. For example, Uproar announced the world’s first biometrically authenticated wearable payment, as a result of Nymi’s program with TD Bank and MasterCard. Uproar garnered interest from more than 15 outlets, and coordinated 10 media briefings the week before the announcement went live. This strategy resulted in coverage in major outlets including ABC News, CIO, VentureBeat, Tom’s Hardware, Gizmodo, SlashGear and Tech Insider.

To coincide with the announcement, Uproar suggested that Nymi did live demos of the authenticated payment with the MasterCard Innovation Truck in Toronto. Through these demos, Uproar garnered coverage on CityNews, CTV News, CBC and a live radio interview on GetConnected. Uproar set a goal to secure 30 stories around the world’s first biometrically authenticated wearable payment and nearly doubled it, ending with more than 50 stories posting about Nymi’s pilot program.

Uproar also used another Nymi program, Entertech Systems, to strategically push into the enterprise space. This resulted in trade-specific coverage on The Wall Street Journal, Mobile ID World, Planet Biometrics, Biometric Update, and ITBusiness.ca. Uproar continued to position Nymi as a leading wearable tech company and expert in biometrics and secure payments, which resulted in a contributed article in Fortune and small business commentary on Entrepreneur.

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STYR Labs and Uproar recently joined forces to launch the world’s first ecosystem of connected products that deliver customized supplements (single-serve vitamin and protein blends) to connected athletes and health and fitness consumers worldwide.

In order to build up anticipation for the STYR ecosystem, increase brand awareness and attract consumers as well as recognition from the investor community, Uproar devised a strategy to hit all of the major verticals (tech, business, health and fitness) leading up to the product launch. On announcement day, and continuing throughout launch week, Uproar secured articles with multiple top tier outlets including: Digital Trends, Gear Diary, GadgetFlow, Mac Sources, PC Mag, PC Mag, SGB Media, SiliconANGLE, Sports One Source, SportTechie, TechCrunch, Tech.co, The Huffington Post, TrendHunter, and Wareable.

After the initial influx of coverage around the company launch and product, Uproar continued to garner interest by suggesting the STYR team send review products to top-tier media contacts. Through Uproar’s targeted review pitching in the tech and fitness space, the team anticipates product reviews from CNET, Competitor Magazine, SELF Magazine, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Men’s & Women’s Running Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Outside Magazine, and UltraRunning Magazine.

Uproar is currently working closely with STYR Labs on the strategy for its next announcement that will leverage the excitement around the company launch and the new trend of connected products and customized supplements.

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Thalmic Labs came to Uproar in 2011 to launch its revolutionary gesture-control armband, Myo, to the world for the first time. Prior to launching Myo, Uproar’s media strategy helped drive pre-orders to more than 50,000 units.

Through Uproar’s strategic media direction, Myo has been featured in top-tier outlets like The TODAY Show, FOX & Friends, Wall Street Journal, Mashable and TechCrunch. As a result of Uproar’s efforts Thalmic and its CEO have also been awarded the Popular Mechanics 2013 Breakthrough Award, the Canada Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Canadian Post E-Commerce Award and was selected for the CIX Top 20.

Utilizing Uproar’s strong relationships with technology reporters, Uproar and the Thalmic team worked closely together to identify compelling media stories that speak to Myo’s technical capabilities and share these with the press. For example, when researchers at Johns Hopkins University employed the Myo armband for a new (and life-changing) application: prosthetics, Uproar led the media strategy which resulted in coverage in CNET, ZDNet, TechTimes, Engadget, Wareable, SlashGear, and T3. Uproar has also successfully identified additional media worthy stories that have garnered placements in GigaOM, PandoDaily, Forbes, Scientific American, Fast Company, AOL, SlashGear, Engadget, The Next Web and Business Insider.

In order to build Thalmic’s credibility among industry reporters, Uproar facilitated product reviews and suggested three strategies: booking press meetings at large conferences like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), mailing product units directly to top-tier media contacts and planning media tours. Under Uproar’s direction, the Thalmic team has met with press at CES over several years resulting in coverage in Inc., New York Post, CNBC, Huffington Post, CNET, Popular Science, WIRED, Business Insider, Yahoo! Tech and more. Additionally, Uproar’s efforts to coordinate product reviews in top tech publications resulted in stories with Inc., MobileSyrup, CNET, Mashable, Financial Times, Digital Trends, PC Mag, Tom’s Guide, and CIO.

In addition to the technology industry, Uproar identified a secondary media market for the Thalmic team in business publications. Uproar’s strategy highlighted Thalmic’s business story and positioned its CEO as a thought leader in the business industry. Through Uproar’s efforts, Thalmic was featured in Canadian Business, BetaKit, The Record, and TechVibes. Additionally, Uproar worked to make the CEO a regular contributor on Fortune, and drafted articles on his behalf.

While the technology and business markets were vital to the success of Myo, Uproar also focused on building Myo’s recognition in the consumer market. To accomplish this, Uproar continuously looked for unique angles to highlight how every day consumers would use the Myo armband. This strategy secured coverage in holiday gift guides in Forbes, Today Show, About.com, Digital Trends, Wareable, Mobile Syrup, Scientific American, Making Different, and EveryJoe. Uproar’s successful media strategies have proven impactful for the Thalmic team, enabling the brand to become one of the most widely recognized names in the gesture control technology space.

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Waygo, the only mobile app that instantly translates Chinese, Japanese and Korean text into English with the wave of a smartphone, teamed up with Uproar PR to inform tech enthusiasts, language learners and frequent travelers about the app. To reach these audiences, Uproar targeted technology and travel media from top tier outlets, Inflight magazine publications and mobile app writers.

Uproar helped the Waygo team identify compelling media angles and pinpoint unique use cases that resulted in national media attention for the app. Uproar’s strategic thinking has positioned the app as a useful tool for learning a new language, translating menus or as your ideal companion when exploring your city’s local Chinatown. As a result, Waygo has been featured in prominent publications such as The New York Times, ABC News, Time, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, Saveur, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post. The Next Web, Gizmodo and Bon Appetit.

In addition to garnering media coverage in prominent national outlets, the Uproar team increased brand awareness by targeting lifestyle, travel and trade publications by positioning Waygo as a must-have tool when planning a trip to Asia. Uproar’s efforts to highlight Waygo as a unique travel app secured media coverage in Forbes, About Travel, TravelPulse, Travel + Leisure, The Telegraph, AOL On Travel, Travel Pulse, Smarter Travel, Travel Pulse and BBC News. Uproar’s outreach also led Waygo to be highlighted in Travel Pulse’s roundup of top 5 tech solutions for 2015. Additionally, Uproar expanded outreach to include international outlets focused on Asian travel and city blogs that English speakers living in the area might read, securing placements in Time Out Beijing, Tokyo Weekender, Singapore Business Review, Yahoo! Singapore and more. As a result of Uproar’s outreach, Waygo was also included in the Apps of the Month section of Sawubona Magazine, South African Airlines’ Inflight publication.

Uproar also strategically highlighted Waygo’s technology and business stories in order to secure media coverage in additional verticals. Upon the redesign of Waygo’s iOS app, Uproar secured coverage on the overhaul with Macworld. Additionally, when Waygo launched a new food-focused app feature, Uproar secured featured articles in large tech outlets such as Digital Trends, Yahoo! Tech and Tech.Co and was also able to secure coverage in travel and dining features and roundups, including Travel Daily News and InsideHook. Uproar also identified the app’s ability to enable employees to work remotely around the globe as a media hook, securing placements in Money and Recruiter.

Once Uproar successfully established brand awareness for Waygo in the travel, lifestyle, technology and business verticals, the team suggested leveraging the company’s CEO, Ryan Rogowski as an industry thought leader to further increase the app’s presence in the business space. This strategy led to placements in the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur article “5 Tips for Starting a Business Abroad” was also picked up by additional four media outlets including Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.

Uproar’s impactful media strategies have successfully led Waygo to establish itself in the industry as one of the leading travel apps. By creating a network of close relationships with media contacts, top-tier publications are engaged in future topics and announcements from the Waygo team.


From software to professional services, Uproar has collaborated with some of the industry’s leading B2B companies to plan and implement successful campaigns. Through our team’s skilled execution of each campaign, clients in this space have seen top-tier media results. Our number one priority is helping brands build awareness that drives sales and generates client leads through our creative and aggressive PR strategies.

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Fattmerchant, a subscription-based merchant services provider, solicited the help of Uproar to generate regional and national awareness of its services. To accomplish this, Uproar developed strategic media plans that highlight the company’s industry insights, company news, unique business story, specific use cases and more.

Because the team’s main goal is securing national awareness for the company, Uproar continuously looks for timely angles for Fattmerchant’s CEO to provide expertise or commentary on industry related topics. One example of this strategy can be found in Uproar’s media push which highlighted Fattmerchant’s story of turning an antiquated industry on its head with a new model, resulting in customer successes. This strategy secured media coverage in Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch, Bloomberg Business and Business News Daily.

In order to garner additional coverage in national outlets, Uproar helped the Fattmerchant team identify compelling company news. These stories include announcements such as successful funding or new client offerings like the company’s virtual terminal. These types of campaigns resulted in coverage in Fast Company, TechCo, Vertical Systems Reseller and Let’s Talk Payments.

As Fattmerchant’s target audience is business leaders, the Uproar team suggested prioritizing business publications in order to reach this audience. To carry out this strategy, the Uproar team helped Fattmerchant identify a unique business story, one that explains how the company’s female founder, Suneera, is making a difference in a male-dominated industry. Uproar successfully told this story to national media outlets, and secured coverage in YOU, Inc., The Huffington Post, Fortune Insider, Payments Journal and Success Magazine. Additionally, Uproar placed this story in Fast Company which resulted in 100+ leads, and also landed Fattmerchant’s tips as one of the top business lessons of 2014.

The Uproar team also recognized that trade publications targeted at specific industry sectors would have a valuable impact for the company. By strategically thinking of ways to tie Fattmerchant to relative trends in industries like restaurant, retail, small business, spas and hair salons, medical practices and hotel management, Uproar secured stories on RunningRestaurants.com, Fast Casual, Restaurant Hospitality, National Retail Federation Magazine, Medical Practice Insider, DaySPA Magazine, Hotel Business News, Modern Restaurant ,Dentistry IQ, and Running Restaurants among others.

Based on the overall strategy of the campaign, in addition to press coverage, Uproar recommended a number of award opportunities which offered third-party validation to FattMerchant. Through Uproar’s efforts, Suneera has been recognized in the Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2015, she has also received the Woman of Distinction Award through the Girls Scouts of Citrus Council and the Brighthouse Business Award in the startup category. Additionally, Fattmerchant was recognized in the Orlando Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for 2016. The awards and media placements garnered through Uproar’s strategic direction have resulted in significant peaks in business and customer referrals for the company.

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Kavaliro, an award-winning national staffing company, came to Uproar to help secure local and national media placements in order to establish the team as experts and thought leaders in the staffing industry and beyond. Uproar worked to create a media relations strategy where mentions, commentary and features for Kavaliro were placed in high level industry and consumer publications as well as TV outlets across the country.

Throughout the time period that Kavaliro and Uproar have worked together, Uproar has implemented media campaigns that secured opportunities with reporters and editors from targeted top tier outlets. These outlets range from business and finance, to job recruitment and social media trends. Through Uproar’s strategic media direction, the Kavaliro name has now become synonymous with staffing and economy news. Featured in world-renowned outlets such as Reuters, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Forbes and Bloomberg, Kavaliro and its executives are now go-to sources when big news stories break.

One example of Uproar’s strategic direction occurred when the team worked with Kavaliro to announce that the company had acquired San Francisco Bay Area-based staffing firm, Hynes & Company. Uproar saw the opportunity to pitch the story to three different verticals: Orlando, San Francisco and staffing trade publications. Uproar’s announcement strategy resulted in three times the coverage with stories in the Orlando Business Journal and Orlando Sentinel as well as top trade publications including Staffing Industry Analysts, Staffing Today and Staffing Life. In addition to the acquisition announcement, Uproar coordinated a ribbon-cutting for the new office and announced Kavaliro’s positive impact on the economy by creating 100 new jobs. Local Petaluma coverage included a feature story in the The Press Democrat, Argus Courier and the North Bay Business Journal.

Uproar continuously focuses on the largest and most impactful media outlets for Kavaliro coverage. The team does so by monitoring industry news and identifying stories that Kavaliro executives can offer commentary for. This strategy has proven successful as journalists who cover jobs, economics, finance and business now come to Kavaliro for thought leadership and quotes on what’s going on in our world. From consistent local coverage on FOX 35’s Good Day Orlando, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal and Charlotte Business Journal to national coverage in Fortune, Fast Company, FOX Business, Mashable, Forbes, NBC News and POPSugar, Kavaliro has become an established brand.

In addition to garnering national and local media coverage, the Uproar team identified a secondary media target that was important in solidifying Kavaliro’s brand awareness and status as an industry leader. Uproar turned to trade publications and focused on building relationships between the media and Kavaliro, which continue to flourish. These relationships consistently result in coverage in publications such as AP Staffing, CollegeRecruiter.com, Smart Business Online, Resumes by Matt, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, CIO.com, Recruiter.com and CareerBuilder. Through Uproar’s strategic direction, Kavalliro has successfully established a network of industry and consumer outlets that are engaged in current and future topics with expert opinions from Kavaliro and its executives.

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ModiFace came to Uproar in 2014 to launch a series of new apps and introduce its newest umbrella companies. ModiFace was already a well-known name in the beauty app space, but the team was interested in expanding its reach into other spaces, such as tech and business, and tasked Uproar PR with achieving this goal. Uproar has successfully established a network of prominent publications, writers and influencers in the technology, beauty, women’s interest, business and consumer media spaces, engaging them in ModiFace’s apps and cutting edge augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Uproar has organized and implemented the strategic launches of more than 15 ModiFace apps, announcing them to the public. These campaigns include new apps, current apps and branded apps with other beauty and cosmetic companies, such as Matrix Color Lounge, Find Your VS Shade, Beautiful Me, Beauty Mirror, and Skin. Uproar’s campaign strategies proved successful with major stories in MSN, Yahoo! Beauty, Forbes, NY Post, Bustle, Business Insider, InStyle, Refinery29 Women’s Wear Daily, Brit + Co., VentureBeat, USA Today, Reuters, Tom’s Guide, TrendHunter, PSFK, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, The Next Web, ABCNews, NBCNews, AdWeek, Digital Trends, AOL.com, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Computerworld, TechVibes and more. Through Uproar’s impactful launch campaigns, ModiFace apps have seen nearly 60 million downloads worldwide.

Uproar also saw an opportunity to introduce ModiFace’s first hardware platform, the ModiFace Mirror, personally to top-tier media contacts by coordinating a press tour on behalf of the company. Through Uproar’s efforts, ModiFace met with more than 15 journalists in NYC from the tech and consumer markets to give a one-on-one demo of the Mirror’s technology. Uproar also secured placements around the launch of the ModiFace Mirror in major outlets such as Today.com, Women’s Wear Daily, The Daily Dot, Motherboard, Chip Chick, Trendhunter, Brit + Co., Daily Mail, Elite Daily, Refinery29 and PSFK.

As a part of the company’s overall brand awareness strategy, Uproar identified and suggested tradeshows that will be impactful for the company. For example, Uproar helped the ModiFace team prepare for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), where in 2016 the company announced the ModiFace Mirror HD and Wedding Dress Studio app. Uproar successfully secured more than 30 press meetings for ModiFace. As a result of the meetings, ModiFace was featured in a 3-part news story with video, article and photo gallery all posting to CNET’s website during CES as well as a live interview with CNET during the show. IDG also posted videos and reviews of the Wedding Dress Studio app across its many outlets including PCWorld, ComputerWorld, MacWorld, ITWorld, and GreenBot. Additional media stories and placements included PSFK, Trendhunter, AOL, TechRepublic, The Today Show, Funny or Die, Martha Stewart Weddings, Yahoo! News, The Guardian, Digital Trends, and many more.

In order to garner additional awareness in the technology space, Uproar suggested that the ModiFace team participate in TechCrunch Disrupt, where the company announced its eCommerce 2.0 upgrades, using AR to create a 3D virtual try-on experience that has never been done in makeup before. Due to Uproar’s efforts prior to the show, ModiFace was featured in TechCrunch, which was the company’s number-one target publication. After reaching out to additional tech and beauty publications, Uproar secured placements in PSFK, FashInvest, IT Business Canada and Women’s Wear Daily, as well as an interactive video showcasing the technology on Business Insider.

To further increase brand recognition in the app space, the Uproar team also identified opportunities for ModiFace to be included in mobile app roundup stories. By connecting with top-tier writers and editors across several consumer interest and technology publications, the team secured high level media placements in AOL On Tech, Marie Claire, Yahoo! Beauty, The Guardian, Mom.me, Verve Magazine, StyleBistro, Elle, PEOPLE Online, BuzzFeed, Allure, HelloGiggles, Refinery 29, Techlicious, Byrdie, PopSugar, Gizmodo, and Health. Uproar’s strategic media relations efforts have helped ModiFace solidify itself as an industry leader in augmented and virtual reality beauty technology.


Uproar PR has an extensive background in developing and executing PR campaigns for enterprise companies. From software, to big data, to mobile technologies, we have helped clients throughout the enterprise landscape build brand awareness to set them apart from their competitors. With every campaign, Uproar PR has its sights on driving sales through aggressive media relations, securing thought leadership opportunities and educating the market on our client’s key differentiators.

Uproar PR Educates Market on Best Practices to Keep Data Secure

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Filled with high profile security hacks and data breaches, 2014 was a challenging year for businesses and their customers. Leading password manager LastPass sought Uproar’s expertise in media relations to elevate the profile of the company, helping educate consumers and businesses on best practices to keep data secure.

Because LastPass is already a widely used tool, the company receives a significant amount of organic and inbound press coverage. Uproar’s goal was to generate additional opportunities to share the expertise of LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist in consumer and business-focused media.

Every time a data breach or news of a hack surfaced, Uproar mobilized its resources to find opportunities to provide expertise. From Heartbleed to the Stubhub data leak, Uproar secured coverage for LastPass in Business InsiderNBC News and ReadWrite, among others. This helped to position the company as a leader in the industry and a trusted resource related to cybersecurity issues.

As LastPass continued to evolve its product, Uproar has also worked to communicate multiple feature updates. By pitching targeted technology and security reporters, Uproar landed LastPass coverage in publications such as MashableBetaNews and PCMag.

In addition to these efforts, Uproar PR also developed timely thought leadership topics focusing on cybersecurity practices. Latching on to trending topics such as wearable technology and BYOD policies as a hook, Uproar secured opportunities with Fox News and FierceCIO.

Security issues took center stage in the media world this year, and Uproar PR ensured LastPass was at the forefront of the issues to help communicate how to protect the digital world. LastPass is now a go-to and credible resource for many mainstream reporters.

Uproar PR Expanded 3dcart's Reach within Online Retailing Realm

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Tamarac, Florida based ecommerce platform, 3dcart, came to Uproar to garner awareness for its various new initiatives and business partnerships as it expanded its reach within the online retailing realm. Since signing on with Uproar, 3dcart has seen a surge in sales and a dramatic increase in web traffic.

3dcart has captured the attention of leading business and tech journalists and analysts, not only as a purveyor of next-gen software, but as a strategic thought-leader within the ecommerce industry. 3dcart has been featured in top-tier publications across a myriad of industry spaces including The New York Times, TechCrunch, Internet Retailer, CIO, Website Magazine, FOX News Small Business Center, Yahoo! Small Business, eCommerce Week, SiliconAngle and the Associated Press to name a few.

Uproar has successfully established a network of national publications and industry experts engaged in 3dcart’s product offerings and has positioned 3dcart as an industry expert. Through Uproar’s targeted outreach, 3dcart is now synonymous with internet retailing.


Healthcare is rapidly changing, creating unique opportunities for companies in the industry to present interesting products and services to solve the system’s challenges. We thoroughly understand the media landscape and discussion taking place to find the angles and expert commentary opportunities to get you noticed.

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Noble is a leader in educational tools and device training for the pharmaceutical industry, helping brands close the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients. As Noble offers a unique solution for brands and is chartering a new space within the industry, Noble came to Uproar to establish credibility as a thought leader and create awareness in the industry.

Uproar’s targeted approach to top-tier pharmaceutical and medical device publications produced meaningful contributed article opportunities for Noble to showcase expertise in On Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Commerce, Med Device Online, MM&M Magazine and more. Even more recently, their expertise through contributed articles was featured in FierceDrugDelivery, Drug Discovery & Development, Today’s Medical Developments and Drug Development & Delivery.

The On Drug Delivery article resulted in a meeting with a top pharmaceutical brand interested in training. As Noble attended important industry tradeshows, Uproar also sought coverage in tradeshow publications, resulting in inclusion in the Paternal Drug Association Letter and Paternal Drug Association Journal to drive interest at the show. For the 2014 PDA Show, Noble was a well-recognized name and was highly sought after on the show floor due to their first speaking opportunity at the show. This speaking opportunity was granted as a result of coverage during past shows. Uproar outreach has also secured additional speaking opportunities for Noble. As a result of a contributed article opportunity with Pharmaceutical Medical and Packaging News, Noble’s top R&D expert was invited to speak at a leading industry tradeshow. Additionally, Uproar PR secured speaking opportunities with Injectable Drug Delivery, RDD Europe 2015, PharmaPack NA and The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes.

Uproar has also focused on establishing Noble within its own local business community in Orlando by targeting healthcare reporters about Noble’s corporate growth story, resulting in coverage by Orlando’s top healthcare journalists at the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Journal.

Business award opportunities have also provided a great opportunity for Noble to establish itself as a growing and important player. As a result of Uproar’s nomination efforts, Noble was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by the 2013 and 2014 Inc. 5000 lists and the Orlando Business Journals Fast 50. Uproar’s nomination efforts also resulted in Noble being named winner of the 2014 SMART Awards Healthcare category. Noble’s CEO, Jeff Baker, was also selected as CEO of the Year honoree for Orlando Business Journal’s 2014 CEO of the Year award.


We’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest transportation and logistics companies, creating relationships with key media professionals covering the industry. Uproar PR excels in positioning transportation brands in front of supply chain decision makers and differentiating our client’s services from its competitors. We understand what’s happening in the industry, how it’s playing out in the media and can find the angles to get your business coverage in top publications.

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71lbs, a South Florida web start-up, came to Uproar to garner nationwide media attention for its business concept and to be seen as an expert in the shipping and retail industry. A new service at the time, 71lbs is a business for ecommerce shippers sending large amounts of product through the mail. 71lbs monitors the shipments, making sure they’re delivered on the carriers’ guaranteed time commitment and files claims for you when something goes wrong.

With such a unique business model, Uproar PR devised a plan to target high level business publications. Through pitching major industry publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Uproar garnered press coverage that positioned CEO Jose Li as a thought leader in the retail and ecommerce realm. Uproar worked to promote 71lbs unique business model on Varney and Co. of FOX Business with a full feature on the company, as well as industry specific publications such as Right Startups.

Beyond features specifically on the company, Uproar also secured opportunities for Mr. Li to comment on topics relevant in the business world which resulted in coverage in publications such as BusinessNews Daily and World Trade 100.

Uproar successfully established a network of national publications and industry experts engaged in 71lbs to position the company as an expert in its field.

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HNM Global Logistics is a freight-forwarding business in Orlando. The CEO, Tony McGee, who is a former NFL player, came to Uproar to help put the company on a national stage. HNM offers a wide variety of logistic services covering all modes of domestic and international cargo transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

Uproar was immediately able to position HNM’s executives as thought-leaders in the supply chain industry, ultimately leveraging the company as a front-runner in the field of logistics. When port workers on the West Coast went on strike, hindering the economy and supply chains worldwide, Uproar used its relationships with logistics contacts at major publications to garner HNM’s commentary in The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and online trade publications such as Sourcing Journal, Fleet Owner, and EBN Online. This coverage provided HNM visibility as well as credibility for current and new business clients.

Uproar also identified pitch angles around Tony McGee’s history as an NFL player and his transition into logistics. This proved very successful and resulted in high-level features in top tier media such as Inc., The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Black Enterprise, and Business Insider. This exposure led to interest from local media as well, resulting in stories in the West Orange Times & Observer and The Tribune Star. This coverage brought HNM into the spotlight and created buzz within the industry.

Beyond media relations, Uproar created a strategy for local and national awards for HNM in order to boost credibility and recognition for the company. HNM was placed on the Florida Trend’s 2015 Best Companies to Work For list, the Orlando Business Journal’s 2015 Best Places To Work, as well as the Fast 50 ranking. Furthermore, Tony McGee was also named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Using executive commentary and leveraging a unique CEO story led to dozens of top tier placements for HNM Logistics. As a result, the small Orlando-based company was placed on a national stage, which helped HNM’s sales team to attract customers from all over the country.

Case study logo

A Duie Pyle, a trucking company located near Philadelphia, came to the Uproar team with the goal of positioning the company as a leader in the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Warehousing and Distribution space. From there, Uproar’s team immersed themselves in Pyle’s operations, learning the ins and outs of the trucking industry in order to create fresh, relevant angles for media relations.

As a 92-year-old company and a family-owned business, Uproar immediately saw opportunity in the company’s business story. Uproar sought to highlight Pyle as an innovative business in an often antiquated industry. Profiles in Inc., The Huffington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes along with a cover story in Family Business Magazine noted unique aspects to how Pyle is creating a succession plan for the family-owned business.

Uproar placed a lot of emphasis on trade coverage, hoping to get the company’s services in front of supply chain managers at top companies across the US. Uproar created unique pitching angles around all of Pyle’s service offerings which resulted in coverage in top transportation publications such as Transport Topics, DC Velocity, Journal of Commerce, Heavy Duty Trucking and Inbound Logistics. Uproar also targeted many of the industries that would benefit from Pyle’s services in order to give credibility to Pyle within key verticals. This strategy garnered pieces in PCI Magazine, EBN Online, The Paint Dealer and Food Logistics.

Another tactic executed by Uproar was to perform outreach in the local areas where Pyle has offices throughout the Northeast. With a massive truck driver shortage hurting the industry, Uproar created pitch angles within these markets to help corporate recruiting. Uproar highlighted three generations of drivers, a father, son and grandson from the same family working at Pyle, which resulted in a feature article in the York Daily Record’s Sunday Edition. The company was also featured in The Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Burlington County Times and the Times Tribune.

Uproar visits Pyle’s headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania every year for a multi-day strategy session, allowing the Uproar team to immerse itself in the company’s culture and operations. Uproar’s dedication to learning the industry and leveraging relationships with key industry journalists leads to successful PR campaigns.


Uproar PR specializes in the pet industry with a focus on technology, products and the health and wellness of animals. With an eye for creative media relation campaigns, the agency captures the attention of top-tier publications that drive sales and sets our clients apart from its competitors. And not to mention, Uproar PR is full of pet lovers!

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Mobile app developer, WoofTrax, came to Uproar PR in an effort to obtain local and national coverage profiling the company and its “Walk for a Dog” app. Uproar decided to use company’s recent recognition as “Best Business Act” from the PeaceJam Foundation to create some immediate buzz in the media. Uproar incorporated the recognition with the app’s charitable aspect of giving back to animal shelters worldwide. This approach resonated strongly with animal-focused and local reporters, resulting in coverage in the Fall 2015 edition of The Bark Magazine, The Blot, iHeartDogs.com, Dogster, Bow Wow Times, PetGuide.com, Dog’s Best Life, Good Dogs & Co., Dog Paw Post and Pet Friends Magazine. Additionally, Uproar secured local coverage on the Ithaca Journal and NBC 4 Columbus.

With this influx of coverage, the company saw a strong spike in downloads for WoofTrax. The article in The Bark Magazine resulted in nearly 500 app installs in a two-day span, while the NBC 4 segment resulted in 300 downloads in one day. Additionally, the stories on the Dog Paw Post and Dog’s Best Life lead to more than 600 installs.

While looking at pet media, Uproar also looked for an approach that would attract the tech media. Uproar decided to leverage the fitness tracking app’s altruistic twist while still incorporating the charitable aspect. The tech reporters enjoyed the combination of tech and charity, which resulted in coverage on Mac Life, Apple Gazette and Application Magazine. Uproar also secured two articles on Tech.co in July and September. The Mac Life and Apple Gazette stories resulted in 250 downloads the day it posted.

As Uproar continued to strategize fresh, creative ways to position WoofTrax, the team found relevant holidays build upon. Uproar decided to position WoofTrax’s “Walk for a Dog” app as a great way to celebrate National Mutt Day in July. As a result, WoofTrax saw top-tier placements in Bites @ Animal Planet, Keep the Tail Wagging, This Dog’s Life, The Great and Powerful Oz the Terrier, and Pet Dish Weekly.

Additionally, Uproar focused on outreach to health and fitness writers and outlets leveraging the health benefits WoofTrax’s “Walk for a Dog” app offers for pet owners and their dogs. Uproar secured inclusion in a roundup of top fitness apps on HellaWella, and a roundup of ways to make dog walking more fun on Positively. The Positively story resulted in more than 300 Android app downloads.

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Pet adoption and re-homing website, PawsLikeMe, came to Uproar PR in an effort to garner awareness, on a local and national level, for its one-of-a-kind pet-matching platform. Uproar decided to position the new platform as the ‘eHarmony’ for pet matchmaking, which resonated very well with reporters and provided a fun, yet clear picture of the site’s purpose. With this messaging, Uproar was able to secure numerous top-tier national placements in just a few short weeks, including major highlights on MTV and Animal Planet. PawsLikeMe was also featured in USA Today, The Daily Dot, Digital Trends, Distractify, Complex, Bustle, Brit + Co., Jezebel, TrendHunter, Fusion, Examiner and Good News Network. The USA Today story in particular was picked up by more than a dozen online and TV outlets, and the hit in Brit + Co generated nearly 1,000 new users in one day.

As a new Florida-based company, Uproar used that tie to the community to capture the attention of local media. This strategy resulted in coverage on News 13, WKMG News 6, WOFL Fox 35 and an in-depth feature that ran on the front page and online on The Orlando Sentinel that syndicated on more than 20 local news sites including Boston Herald, Philly.com and The Miami Herald. Additional outreach included target efforts in the UK as the company was considering expansion overseas in the future, resulting in placements in The Daily Mirror and Look Magazine.

This first month of coverage resulted in more than 550,000 unique visitors, more than 2.4 million page views and over 175,000 new accounts created on the PawsLikeMe site. Due to the high traffic to the website, there were more than 12,000 referrals to shelter pets and a huge surge for PawsLikeMe’s Facebook page, which grew from less than 1,000 likes to more than 4,600.

Uproar continued to position PawsLikeMe as a solution to not only find users their perfect pet match but also help increase the number of rescues from shelters. This aggressive outreach landed PawLikeMe placements on Upworthy, Uproxx, Today.com, ViralNova, Raycom News Network, SheKnows and ViralThread, and coordinated a live, national TV segment on HLN’s The Daily Share. The Upworthy story brought more than 40,000 unique users to PawsLikeMe’s website within 3 hours and was picked up by The Huffington Post — running on the front page of the HuffPost Green and Huffington Post Dogs sections. The ViralNova piece resulted in a 63-percent increase in new sessions on the PawsLikeMe website, and the Raycom News Network piece syndicated across 46 local news stations.

Other successful PR pushes surrounded the company’s new personality-based subscription boxes for dogs and its crowdfunding campaign for personality-based cat matching. As a result, Uproar secured coverage in PopSugar, The Daily Mail UK, Consumer Affairs, Business Insider, Digital Trends, Today.com, Entrepreneur online and in print, Care.com, TrendHunter, Examiner, Tech Insider and HelloGiggles, as well as another story on Raycom, which syndicated on more than 30 news outlets. Locally, Uproar garnered inclusion in Space Coast Daily, Orlando Business Journal, Florida Today, Bungalower and News 13 online and on TV.


Uproar PR excels in educating consumers about the latest and greatest trends and products across a broad spectrum of industries, including food and drink, fashion, beauty, and health and fitness. Our team’s strategic approach helps brands build strong, meaningful relationships with consumers, while providing them with a platform to build a recognizable brand and become a household name.

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Central Florida based, 360 Cookware, came to Uproar PR to establish the company as a go-to American-made cookware brand nationwide. Uproar leveraged the cookware’s unique vapor technology for healthier cooking and eco-friendly properties to help it stand out among traditional cookware and a crowded market.

Throughout its PR campaign, 360 Cookware’s products have been featured in several print magazines, including placements in three separate issues of O, The Oprah Magazine. Most recently Uproar aided the 360 team with its inclusion in the coveted December 2015 O! List for Oprah’s Favorite Things. Uproar’s focus on print outreach has also secured placements in Good Grit Magazine, Southern Bride and Woman’s World.

Along with print media, Uproar sought out product reviews and giveaway opportunities with major online outlets and influencers/bloggers. A variety of 360’s products have been featured in articles on media outlets including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Morning Show – Favorite Things Segment, Bridal Guide, Livingly, About.com, The Daily Meal, Chic Luxuries, The Gracious Pantry, and the Food Travelist to name a few. The most successful review and giveaway Uproar coordinated, with Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, ended with 84,325 total entries. Uproar also coordinated a TV segment incorporating a giveaway of 360 Cookware’s products on the well-known show, The Doctors.

During the holiday’s Uproar turned its attention to gift guides, as well as Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday round-ups to drive sales. This resulted in placements with CNN.com, Brit + Co, Delish, VOGUE, PopSugar, The Gourmet Retailer and MomFuse. Additonally, The Food Network included the brand in its Gift Guide for Serious Home Cooks and Holiday Gifts for the Baker. Uproar also coordinated inclusion of 360’s 1qt. saucepan in Organic Authority’s 2015 Winter Essentials Goodie Box. Additionally Uproar leveraged the Fourth of July holiday to draw attention to the company as a successful American-made business, securing product guides and round-ups on Times Free Press, Bottom Line Personal, Made in USA Challenge, and Made in USA Gift Guide.

To continue to put 360 Cookware at the forefront of consumers’ minds outside of traditional product reviews, Uproar garnered inclusion of the company’s many recipes on popular recipe sites like, The Daily Meal, Food.com, Epicurious, Yummly, Food52.

In addition to traditional media relations, 360 Cookware looked to Uproar to help it create a presence in the local community. Through Uproar’s relationships, 360 Cookware provided all of the cookware for Florida Hospital’s Gourmet Soiree. This event is put on by one of the largest hospital systems in the area, and attended by many community leaders, influential chefs and media. The event gave them direct exposure to over 1,000 potential commercial and consumer customers.

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Victory Tailgate, the largest manufacturer of high-quality cornhole sets and tailgating games in the United States, came to Uproar PR with the goal of increasing overall product exposure, as well as local and national awareness surrounding its high-profile brand partnerships and company growth story.

To accomplish this goal, Uproar tied Victory Tailgate’s products into holidays and events such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the 2016 presidential campaign. This resulted in placements in Bustle, The FabLife with Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigan, ModernMom, Great Day St. Louis and The Huffington Post. Capitalizing on Super Bowl 50, Uproar reached out to national media, as well as sports and lifestyle bloggers to review a Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and Super Bowl inspired cornhole and tumble tower sets. This resulted in four segments on the NFL Network, a giveaway with Sports Illustrated, as well as a mention in the award-winning “Around the League” Podcast, which averages more than one million monthly downloads.

Over the course of Uproar’s relationship with Victory Tailgate, the company added multiple licensing agreements to its ever-growing roster of partners and affiliates. When Victory Tailgate debuted cornhole board lines in partnership with Star Wars for the 2015 release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Uproar capitalized on the hype, securing coverage on The TODAY Show, The Nerdist, and FOX 35 WOFL. Other successful partnership announcements included the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). As a result, Victory Tailgate products were featured in SB Nation: The Maneland, Parade’s Community Table, Sport Insight Magazine, Cheat Sheet, Orlando Business Journal, Outnumbered 3-1, Tech Savvy Mama, SheScribes and on CF News 13, which aired a total of 34 times.

During the 2015 holiday season, Victory Tailgate announced the launch of its lifestyle brand, Made Loyal, as well as its debut collection of ugly collegiate Christmas sweaters. To bring local attention to the new brand, Uproar coordinated a series of 10 live segments on FOX 35 WOFL’s Good Day Orlando show that highlighted not only the brand’s new apparel, but the entirety of Victory Tailgate’s inventory.

Outside of pitching Victory Tailgate’s products, Uproar highlighted the company’s impressive business growth. Uproar secured a FOX 35 live segment highlighting Victory Tailgate’s booming growth and company culture. The resulting story ran twice to more than 109,669 households. Additionally, Victory Tailgate came to Uproar with the plan to hold a last-minute job fair to hire 100 people in one week. Just one day after the team was told about the event, Uproar secured two online stories and one print article in the Orlando Sentinel, as well as inclusions in the Orlando Business Journal and WESH 2 News.

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Well-known watersports brand, Body Glove International, came to Uproar to garner media attention surrounding its 60th anniversary, as well as the release of a book written by Body Glove co-founder Bob Meistrell. Uproar focused its strategic media campaign around the success of the family-owned business over the past six decades and its commitment to being a leader for product innovation for watersport adventurers.

Uproar identified producers and reporters at top-tier national outlets that regularly covered business leaders, successful companies and prominent individuals, like Body Glove co-founders Bob and Bill Meistrell. Through targeted pitching and relationships with key media influencers, Uproar arranged briefings and meetings with major outlets such as Forbes, Maxim, CNN Money and the TODAY show. These meetings provided Body Glove founders a valuable chance to explain to media first-hand the Body Glove story, successes and plans for the future, while laying the groundwork for a successful ongoing relationship with the press. Additionally, Uproar garnered coverage for the company milestone and book release on outlets such as Sports Business Daily, ESPN XGames and KTLA-TV.

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Luxury electric grill and cooktop manufacturer, Kenyon, initially came to Uproar to garner awareness for its portable indoor grill, The City Grill. Kenyon challenged Uproar to bring its unique, luxury grill into the mainstream; specifically, the apartment/small-homes readers, while still maintaining the values proposition behind the product. Throughout the past three years, Uproar has successfully positioned the brand, not only as an industry-leading product, but as a design innovator. Kenyon has seen continuous increased sales, month over month compared to previous years, as a direct result from its PR program.

Uproar regularly targets major consumer interest publications, which results in consistent coverage of Kenyon’s products in publications like, Cooking Light, SAVEUR, OUTSIDE, Gear Hungry, Dwell, The Awesomer, DailyXY.com, Uncrate, Vouch Magazine, Hearth & Home, GearCulture, Materialology, Southern Boating, Woman’s World, Mike Shouts, CANOE, Asia Pacific Boating Magazine Guy Maven, Man of Many, and several more. The team also identifies opportunities in gift guides and product lists for various holidays and events such as Father’s Day, 4th of July, seasonal tailgating, Christmas and more. This has resulted in coverage in Food Network, The Huffington Post, About.com, Men’s Fitness, Brit + Co, Tech.Co, EveryJoe, Bustle, Yahoo! Style, Pursuitist, Domaine, Gear Patrol, Supercompressor, and A&H Magazine.

Outside of general consumer interest publications, Uproar devised a strategy plan to target more specialized home, outdoor living and trade publications around Kenyon’s grills. Uproar secured positive reviews of the grill in Kitchen & Bath Business, Family Motor Coach Magazine, RV News, Premier Coachworks and Power & MotorYacht.

In addition to regular product outreach, the team positions Kenyon as experts on grilling safety and developers of unique recipes for the grill. This angle has resulted in placement in Food and Wine, The Kitchn, Uproxx, Fox News, Outside, Yummly, Epicurious, Home Harmonizing, Food.com, The Daily Meal, Stupid Dope, The Manual, and a TV segment on FOX’s Good Morning Connecticut show.

To supplement traditional media relations efforts, the team has also been instrumental in coordinating product giveaways. Uproar has coordinated giveaways for Kenyon with Sports Illustrated, The Awesomer, Dude I Want That, and The Manual. These giveaways resulted in large increases in Kenyon’s social media following and website page views. Also, when Kenyon conducted its own holiday and Super Bowl 50 giveaways, the Uproar team conducted media outreach to national contest and sweepstake bloggers to help spread the word and gain entries. Coverage of the giveaways appeared in Whole Mom, Couponing 4 You, Giveaway Bandit, Motherhood Moment, Life in a House of Testosterone and several others.

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Knix Wear came to Uproar PR during its Kickstarter campaign for the Evolution Bra. Since the crowdfunding campaign was already in full swing, the Uproar team quickly developed a targeted media relations strategy aimed at raising $30,000 in funding. Uproar helped Knix Wear exceed that goal by more than 4,000%. With more than $1,423,193 in funding, the Evolution Bra was named Kickstarter’s most funded fashion project and most funded female project to date.

In less than 24 hours of launching Knix Wear’s PR campaign, Uproar landed articles in Bustle and Women’s Running. The Evolution Bra was also featured in PureWow three times – as a feature story, in a product roundup, and in the publication’s daily newsletter. Uproar continued to build momentum by targeting top-tier fashion, fitness and lifestyle publications like, Glamour, Yahoo! Style, Cosmopolitan UK, Competitor.com, Mic, Gadgette, Shop Girl Daily, Lingerie Insight, HerCampus, Heart and Habit, W View, and Daily Motion.

Once the Kickstarter was over, Uproar shifted attention away from the bra while it was under production and began working to promote Knix Wear’s three underwear lines. Since Knix Wear has a line of underwear with a built in panty liner, Uproar focused its outreach around the trend of “period panties.” With confidence in the product, Uproar planned a media tour in New York City and coverage resulted in Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Bustle and HelloGiggles. Simultaneously, Uproar worked on a couple of other angles, including fitness pitches highlight Knix Wear’s Fit Knix underwear, a line made for athletic women. The Fit Knix line was featured in Women’s Running, Backpacker, SnoCountry, Yoga Journal, Bustle, and VeryWell. Other successful media relations angles included ideas such as: “the best undergarments to wear under a wedding dress” which was featured In Brides Magazine and “what to wear under your summer whites” which appeared in PopSugar.

Once the Evolution Bra had completed its production and became widely available to the public, Knix Wear once again trusted Uproar to plan the launch. In the week following the announcement, Uproar secured coverage in Bustle, Livingly, FabFitFun, Crowdfund Insider, Lingerie Insider, and Dressing Room 8.

Uproar also worked with Knix Wear to create a viral buzz around the brand’s “Every Body Has a Story” campaign. Within a week of the campaign launch, Uproar landed feature stories in People.com, The Huffington Post, Who What Wear, and Marie Claire France. The campaign was also featured in The Drum’s creative campaign roundup, which showcases the top creative projects from North and South America each week.

With the products shining in the press, Uproar also pitched the founder’s story to introduce the media to the inspiration behind the brand. This outreach resulted in a great feature in Elite Daily titled, “7 Tips for Becoming a #GirlBoss From a Woman Who’s Revolutionizing Lingerie.” Uproar also garnered a multi-page feature in Plus Model Magazine as well as a radio interview and a feature on The Price of Business.

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Pearl Bath Bombs came to Uproar to obtain media coverage that would help drive overall awareness and sales. As a luxury bath product company with a twist – each bath bomb comes with a hidden cocktail ring – Pearl wanted to reach media that would position the company as an innovator in the bath product space.

Uproar developed a complete media relations strategy to meet Pearl’s goals, including officially launching the company to the press via a news release and media outreach. Targeting top-tier lifestyle and women’s interest publications, Uproar introduced Pearl to reporters and offered samples for review. This approach quickly garnered coverage in Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan, Self and Seventeen, key publications to reach Pearl’s target demographic.

Uproar’s strategy also focuses on identifying unique aspects of Pearl’s product and pairing them with upcoming holidays or trends. Through this approach, Uproar has positioned Pearl as the perfect gift for a number of holidays, resulting in coverage in Her Campus, Huffington Post Canada, Mom Blog Society, Divine Caroline, Look Magazine UK, Hitched UK, Huffington Post UK, HelloGiggles and Yahoo! Style.

In between company announcements and relevant holidays/news trends, Uproar consistently finds unique ways keep Pearl Bath Bombs’ various scents in the news. Leveraging specific scents such as the Oatmeal and Honey bath bomb, it was included in Brit+ Co, and Examiner.com. The team also promoted the Sea Goddess bath bomb as an accessory for all mermaid-wannabes, securing a placement in Buzzfeed, and the Lavender Ring Bath Bomb was in Marie Claire on the “best scents for your astrological sign.” Additionally, Uproar secured coverage in InStyle for a story on “3 Bath Bombs to Fit Your Exact Mood” featuring the Strawberries and Champagne Bath Bomb.

To promote Pearl’s CEO and the story behind the company, Uproar pitched the CEO as a young, female entrepreneur, resulting in coverage in Chicago Inno and a feature on WGN-Chicago’s “Around Town.” In addition to appearing live on-air, WGN also posted the segment on its website. Uproar also leverages Pearl’s CEO as a beauty and lifestyle expert, resulting in coverage like a piece on de-stressing in Bustle.

Outside of traditional media outreach Uproar developed a celebrity promotion program to capitalize on Pearl’s impressive social media attention. This resulted in Instagram and Twitter posts from reality TV star, Laura Vandervoort, and interest from actresses Greer Grammer and Malese Jow, singer Demo Lovato, and Snapchat influencer Kristie Dash.

Uproar continues to work with Pearl to receive national coverage to help boast sales and position the founder as an innovator and leader in the crowded space of beauty and bath products.


Advancements in technology are shaking up the way educational institutions operate, beginning with elementary education all the way through college. Change-makers in the education industry are focused on supplying future generations with the technological tools necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s competitive market. Committed to helping these innovative companies grow, we utilize our in-depth understanding of this space to garner media placements that get you noticed by your target audience.

Case study logo

Kira Talent came to Uproar PR to launch its new EdTech platform, Kira Academic, a video talent assessment platform for colleges and universities. Due to Uproar’s strategic media relations campaign, Kira Talent reported the highest amount of website traffic it had ever recorded, and just several months after partnering with Uproar for media relations, the company more than doubled its number of clients.

Kira is now used by more than 150 schools around the world including Yale, Northwestern, Imperial College London, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The startup has also successfully raised more than $5 million in funding. Kira Talent attributes a large portion of its success to the media coverage secured by the Uproar team.

Uproar regularly meets with the Kira team to identify key stories that are compelling and will garner media attention for the company. For example, Uproar led the media strategy behind several of Kira’s announcements for new service offerings or product features. Launches such as these have secured media placements in outlets like iSchool Guide, BizEd, 24 Hours Toronto, Tech Insider, Poets & Quants, Education Dive, Politico, EdSurge, Campus Technology, Education Dive, University Business and eCampus News.

The Uproar and Kira teams have also worked together to announce successful funding rounds for the startup. The strategy behind telling this story is to show stakeholders that Kira is a validated product with high profile investors backing the idea. As a result of Uproar’s efforts, media coverage was garnered in Financial Post, TechVibes, Startup Beat, Wall Street Journal Pro Venture Capital, Owler, Ed Surge, Cantech Letter, BetaKit, FinSMEs, Make Me Feed, Hack Education Weekly News, and Palico.

Another key component to Uproar’s media strategy is identifying and tying Kira to relevant industry trends. Uproar has successfully created several media angles around controversial topics such as admissions fraud and holistic admissions. By tying Kira to these already popular media stories, Uproar was able to secure placements in USA Today, NPR, US News, EdSurge, University Business, The Economist and Poets & Quants.

In addition to constructing media strategies around national trends, Uproar suggested that the team create the first annual Best Higher Ed Recruitment Video Awards, developed strategically based on video and recruitment creativity—two of Kira’s key offerings. Uproar’s idea to create the annual award, led to media placements in The Daily Dot, AdWeek and Recruiter. In addition to securing such media placements, this annual award enables Kira to continue to sell itself to the industry as a thought leader in video recruitment each year.

Another strategy suggested by Uproar, utilized members of the Kira team and their individual expertise to position them as thought leaders in the industry. Uproar highlighted Kira’s Co-Founder, Emilie Cushman, as a young female leader in the tech industry which resulted in coverage in SUCCESS Magazine and HigherEdJobs. Uproar also positioned the company’s CEO, Craig Morantz, as a thought leader on growing your business which garnered coverage in The Globe & Mail and Business News Daily. Additionally, Uproar worked to make Morantz a regular contributor to Fortune. Lastly, Uproar and Kira’s head of marketing, Andrew Hastings, worked closely together to draft a contributed article which was featured on TechCrunch. Uproar also utilized Hastings’ expertise around topics like the ethics of admissions consultants and application fraud to secure articles in The Economist, Glassdoor, HigherEdTech Decisions and Poets & Quants. With Uproar’s strategic direction, both the Kira brand and its executives have become industry leaders in the EdTech space.

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Toronto-based, Vetica, came to Uproar in order to secure local, national and international media placements for the launch of its new online and mobile EdTech platform, Chalk.com. Uproar worked to gain coverage in a range of outlets that promote movement in technology platforms for educators.

Throughout the time period that Vetica and Uproar worked together, the company saw coverage for its Chalk.com launch in multiple online, print and newsletter placements. Prior to launch, Uproar compiled a list of the most influential education outlets and notified them ahead of the announcement. Additionally, on the day of the Chalk.com launch, Uproar reached out to influential publications in the education, tech, local and national verticals. Because of Uproar’s campaign, the announcement of the new platform was covered in eCampusNews.com, Thinkfinity, T.H.E. Journal, District Administration and Education Dive. Throughout the campaign, Uproar worked to have the Vetica mission acknowledged by a number of outlets known for influencing the education technology community.

In addition to building awareness for Vetica through media relationships, Uproar suggested the team attend large trade shows to further increase recognition within the EdTech space. Uproar coordinated press meetings with more than 15 of the industry’s top media outlets, helping Vetica forge personal relationships with education reporters. In order to garner additional awareness outside of the education space, Uproar also suggested the team attend SXSW and coordinated press meetings there as well. Through Uproar’s tradeshow strategies, Vetica fostered relationships with key influencers from TechCrunch to EdSurge in order to obtain future placement with top tier writers and editors.

Uproar has successfully established a network of industry and consumer outlets that are engaged in the current and future platforms that Vetica will introduce.

Sports Tech

Athletes looking for smarter ways to train and win are quickly embracing sophisticated technology on and off the court. Focusing on key product differentiators, Uproar utilizes its expertise in the sports and fitness technology markets to generate awareness for products that impact training and human performance. Uproar works with an established list of clients in the sports industry, and has a proven reputation for producing highly effective media relations, social media and digital media campaigns for sports technology and consumer products.

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ACTON Global, manufacturer of advanced, smart, light-weight, and innovative personal transportation devices, came to Uproar with the goal of increasing consumer awareness around the company’s products and leadership team. Uproar assisted ACTON with the launch of its newest product, Blink Board, at CES 2016. With so many competitors in the hover boards market, Uproar positioned Blink Board and its other products as a better, safer alternative device than the others on the market.

This tactic captured the media’s attention and resulted in over 25 in-person press meetings, national TV segments and articles featuring all of ACTON’s products: the RocketSkates, M Scooter, and Blink Board. The pre-CES coverage included ACTON’s products in online articles such as Mashable, The Verge, CNBC, BBC, MSN, Unilad UK, Mic, Tech Times, Trusted Reviews and Digital Spy. Uproar also coordinated an opportunity with a CNN producer who featured both the Blink-Board and RocketSkates in five CNN TV segments, reaching national and international audiences. The CNN clips were picked up by over 100 local stations around the country, including local FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC.

Immediately following the show, ACTON was also featured in Children’s BBC, Telegraph, a second feature in Business Insider, Mashable, Mirror UK, CNN Money, Tom’s Guide, MSN, Life Buzz, ZDNet, Trusted Reviews, Digital Trends, CRAVE, BGR, and TrendHunter. Additionally, several smaller publications like Design Taxi, Latinos Post, Architecture & Design, Grind TV, Fatherly, Jebiga, Punchline, OMG Hype, Live Smart, Canadian Sporting Goods Association, Energy 103.7, Gadget Today, Digital Journal, and Fetch all posted about the RocketSkates and Blink Board’s launch.

The media really gravitated towards the positioning of the Blink Board as safer alternative to the popular hover board. Uproar continued to tie that in to additional pitches including exciting Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart. The outreach resulted in stories on Sport Techie, Gear Culture and Dealerscope, and writers at CNBC, TechCrunch, Good Housekeeping and Digital Trends requested demo units for reviews. Through this outreach, Uproar was also able to reach popular YouTube blogger, Casey Neistat, who requested to demo the RocketSkates for a vlog review.

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FlightScope, a global high-tech company and manufacturer of 3D Doppler Ball Tracking Monitors, Golf Radars & Launch Monitors for sports, came to Uproar to garner awareness for its game-changing products and innovative ball tracking technology.

Uproar developed a strategic media campaign and successfully broke into the general consumer market with the launch of the FlightScope Xi. FlightScope was well-known for its technology and products for professional golfers, but previously did not offer a product that fit the needs of casual golfers. Uproar leveraged FlightScope’s credibility in the industry to target top-tier media read by golf and sports enthusiasts such as Golf.com, Golf Digest, Men’s Journal and more. Since FlightScope has worked with Uproar to increase its brand awareness in the consumer market, as well as in the pro market, FlightScope increased product sales by more than 30-percent.

In addition to the Xi, Uproar also worked with FlightScope to introduce a variety of other new launch monitors and technology products, including the X2 Elite, Xi Tour, FlightScope Tracer and FlightScope Focusband integration. Uproar successfully introduced the products to the industry and consumers, and captured the attentions of leading golf journalists and influencers, including Yahoo! Health, Men’s Health UK, Golf Digest, Golf.com, About.com Golf, GolfWRX, Golfweek, Men’s Journal, GOLF Magazine, PGA Tour, SportTechie, Golf Channel, T3, Golf Business News, Golf Range Magazine, LINKS Magazine, Independent Golf Reviews, Asian Golf Monthly, PGA Magazine, Sports Illustrated Golf+, GolfBiz.net, MyGolfWay, Bunker Shot, Brazilian Golf Confederation, Inside Golf, Bunkers Paradise, Golfmagic, Examiner.com, The Hacker’s Paradise, US Golf TV, Plugged in Golf & French PGA Magazine. Uproar also regularly researched contributed article opportunities for FlightScope’s team of experts and golf professionals, which has resulted in a placement on About.com Golf.

Uproar has been instrumental in aiding FlightScope in receiving several awards and accolades. The Xi was honored with a Gold Stevie Award in the New Consumer Product category American Business Awards. Additionally, the Xi was named the Techiest Launch Monitor by GOLF magazine and a finalist in the 2015 and 2016 Sports Technology Awards. FlightScope CEO, Henri Johnson, was also named an Orlando Business Journal CEO of the Year for 2015 and was featured in the award’s Riskiest Thing I’ve Done feature.

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Fusionetics, a human performance and training platform, has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of athlete injury by more than 50-percent and is used by more than 60 professional and college sports teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Falcons and University of Georgia.

Fusionetics came to Uproar PR to get the word out about the platform’s effectiveness and work with top teams in the NBA, NFL, NCAA FB, NHL and MLB. The Fusionetics team was in a crucial growth stage and was seeking placements in key national publications and sports medicine trades that would increase visibility for the new program.
Uproar PR immediately decided to identify key national sports reporters and offered the opportunity to visit a Fusionetics facility or participate in a virtual test. By offering these demos at the different facilities, top tier media was able to experience the program for themselves and learn firsthand about the platform. With this approach, Fusionetics saw coverage in the Los Angeles Daily News, Inc., Women’s Running, and SportTechie.

During Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, Uproar PR capitalized on Bryant’s adoption of the Fusionetics platform during his last season and offered media the opportunity to “train like Kobe” by demoing the platform. Uproar was able to capture the attention of major sports media including ESPN, Forbes, NBA.com, Los Angeles Daily News and Elite Daily, and FOX Sports.

Uproar also used Dr. Michael Clark’s, the creator of Fusionetics, notability in the field of sports medicine and human movement science to gain national media placements that positon him as a thought leader in the field. With Dr. Clark’s attendance at the 2016 NFL Combine and news of the organization’s decision to reevaluate player tests, Uproar saw an opportunity to offer his insight on how the sports organization should consider revamping its procedures. This resulted in placements with STACK and Forbes. In addition, as a chair position on the scientific advisory board for HYPERICE, a successful line of ice compression wraps, Uproar PR positioned Dr. Clark as a product and workout expert in articles for Men’s Fitness and PSFK.

Uproar PR consistently brainstormed media opportunities and story angles for Fusionetics based on upcoming sports seasons, athlete injury topics and sports medicine trends. With the rising popularity of UFC, Uproar PR reached out to MMA writers to offer Fusionetics’ trainers as experts on recovery and performance for fighters. Stories and interviews on the program’s effectiveness were featured on SB Nation’s MMA Nation podcast as well as Bleacher Report.

Health and Wellness PR Campaign

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Hyperice and Uproar have worked together for several years on this health and wellness PR campaign, strategizing media relations campaigns that have garnered national notoriety for the brand.

Through the implementation of Uproar’s suggested media strategies,Hyperice has seen tremendous ROI and increased sales that can be linked to large media placements garnered by the Uproar team. One of Uproar’s greatest successes was telling the entrepreneurial story behind Hyperice’s founder, Anthony Katz, highlighting how he built a successful fitness technology brand used by elite athletes all over the world. This story resulted in placements in Fortune, Fast Company, CNN Money, and perhaps the largest placement of the entire campaign, a six-page spread in Inc. Magazine detailing Katz’s story, which was also featured on Inc. online. Katz has also been recognized as Men’s Fitness 2015 entrepreneur of the year.

Hyperice first came to Uproar during its Kickstarter campaign for VYPER, a high-frequency vibrating foam roller. Uproar leveraged the company’s relationship with high-profile athletes and VYPER’s innovative technology to help Hyperice close its campaign with $271,424, nearly tripling its original goal of $100,000.

Due to the success from Vyper, Hyperice launched its newest product, Vyper 2, the next generation in vibrating foam rollers. Uproar selected key media who have helped Hyperice gain notoriety among the fitness industry to be the first to test the new product. Uproar continued to position the technology as an essential way to upgrade your fitness routine or workout, garnering coverage in all major health and fitness publications such as Mashable, Shape, SELF, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, STACK, Women’s Health, Greatist, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Well + Good and more.

Another big focus for Hyperice was its product, HYPERSPHERE—a massage ball that uses vibration to aid in recovery and injury prevention. Uproar created a media campaign to announce the launch of HYPERSPHERE, securing print coverage in Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Runner’s World and Runner’s World UK Magazine and online coverage in Vogue, Outside Magazine, Gizmag, PSFK, CBS New York, Bustle, She Knows, The Huffington Post and Gear Culture. Hyperice was able to leverage these strong media placements with distributors and saw a boost in sales prior to year’s end.

Additionally, Hyperice announced its digitally-connected back wrap, VENOM which combines heat and vibration to reduce pain in the lower back. Uproar worked with the Hyperice team to garner strategic media placements in order to increase sales.

Uproar secured a national TV segment on FOX News and online coverage in Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Digital Trends, Inc., The Huffington Post, Trend Hunter, Gear Culture, Tech.Co, Golf Digest STIX, and Sport Techie.

In conjunction with garnering media placements for VENOM, Uproar also positionedHyperice as a leader in fitness recovery, securing placements in U.S. News and World Report and Yahoo!.

In addition to new products, Uproar worked to announce the brand’s partnerships with athletes, Ryan Clady from the Denver Broncos, Olivier Giroud from the English Club Arsenal, and Patrick Peterson from the Arizona Cardinals. Uproar also leveraged existing partnerships with the LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin and Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn. By using these partnerships as news angles, Uproar garnered media placements in Yahoo! Finance, Bleacher Report and Active Times. This strategy also included opportunities with well-known athlete trainers that garnered coverage for Hyperice as the ultimate recovery brand in ESPN, and Fox Sports News.

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Mio Global is a pioneer in heart rate monitoring technology. The company has been creating the most accurate heart rate monitoring wrist-wearables for nearly two decades and has a well-known presence in the fitness and athletic community. Mio came to Uproar with specific goals to promote its newest products and differentiate itself from the long list of competitors and activity trackers on the market.

In order to secure coverage quickly, Uproar highlighted the technology behind Mio’s devices and its ability to provide EKG-accurate heart rate data from the wrist and sync up to most popular fitness apps. This outreach secured coverage in popular technology outlets, including PC Magazine, Tech.Co, Tom’s Guide, Wareable, and Boston Herald. Uproar simultaneously utilized Mio’s team of experts to target the company’s primary audience of athletic consumers. Pitch angles included expert fitness tips from Mio fitness and technology expert, Dr. Gorelick, in addition to workout routines readers could utilize in order to use heart rate training to meet fitness goals. These angles secured coverage in health and lifestyle outlets such as Glamour Magazine, Yahoo Health, Fitness Republic, Pop Style TV, and Emax Health.

Uproar continued to work with the Mio team to highlight unique media stories and secured coverage in holiday gift guides for Gizmag, Road Trail Run, Competitor Running, Sports Illustrated, and Gear Culture. Uproar also worked Mio’s app into a timely roundup on TechCrunch, highlighting the best apps for students to remain healthy during midterms.

Uproar kicked off 2016 with the successful launch of Mio’s Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) and utilized CES to unveil its new activity tracking metric and product (SLICE). This resulted in more than 30 meetings throughout the show and top tier coverage in USA Today, CNET, Digital Trends, Tom’s Guide, PC Mag, Men’s Health, and The Verge. Mio also won two awards at CES: PC Mag named SLICE “Best Health Wearable” at CES and Stuff listed SLICE among the top 10 wearable tech products at CES. This was Mio’s first major product unveil in some time, so the awareness garnered through coverage created a lot of buzz and attention for the brand.

Following the influx of coverage at CES, Uproar coordinated an in-depth review with Geoffrey Fowler, Personal Tech Columnist at The Wall Street Journal, which resulted in a piece on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. The article goes in-depth on all the components that make up PAI, including a comprehensive video, and praises Mio’s heart rate tracking technology. The article concludes that Mio finally found what all the other heart rate/fitness trackers are missing – making meaning out of the data collected. Uproar continued the momentum around PAI to secure articles in The Financial Times, Ars Technica, Men’s Journal Summer Buyer’s Guide (print) and The Huffington Post.

While SLICE manufacturing was underway, Mio expressed interest to increase its presence as a Canadian company. Uproar came up with new angles to position Mio as a leading fitness wearable company in Canada, while simultaneously pitching Liz as a leader in heart rate technology. This resulted in local articles on Canadian Living Magazine (online and print), IT Business Canada, and TechVibes and a couple female entrepreneur mentions on Inc., and Wareable.

With the introduction and widespread acceptance of PAI and SLICE, Mio transitioned its target audience from performance athletes to lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts. In order to help broaden the reach of Mio, Uproar targeted cycling, running and outdoor trade publications and secured reviews of FUSE, LINK and ALPHA 2 with Active Gear Review, Bicycle.net, Cycling Tips, Decline Magazine (September print edition), InTouch Rugby, Mountain Weekly News, Southland Golf Magazine, The Masters Athlete, The Slo Cyclist, Training Daily Advisor, Triathlon Business, Athletic Business Magazine (September cover story) and Women’s Running (October print issue).

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ShotTracker, the manufacturer of wearable tech for basketball, aims to improve the performance of competitive basketball players of all ages through individual and team products. Within the first week of ShotTracker coming to Uproar for the launch of its individual product, the team secured multiple, in-person demo meetings with NYC reporters in addition to top-tier media hits. By positioning ShotTracker as a revolutionary new product for basketball, ShotTracker saw coverage in Wired, Engadget, Popular Science, PSFK, Gadget Review, Gizmag, BuzzFeed, Mashable, SB Nation, 9to5mac, Designers of Things, Sports Illustrated Kids, HOOP Magazine and many more. The coverage surrounding the launch of the product and the weeks following resulted in sold out orders for the holidays.

In addition to consistent coverage on the individual product, Uproar helped secure ShotTracker’s first athlete partnership with NBA super star, Klay Thompson. The dynamic-duo hosted the first-ever Virtual Basketball Camp in 2015 and continued the momentum with an interactive challenge in 2016. Throughout these various campaigns, the Uproar team has garnered top tier media coverage with men’s interest, sport business, sports blogs, and tech publications such as Forbes, BuzzFeed, PandoDaily, VICE Sports, SI Kids, HoopsAddict, TechCocktail and two stories on Sports News Daily. Uproar also conducted outreach to local San Francisco and Kansas City media, resulting in coverage with Kansas City Business Journal, WarriorsWorld, SFGate and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

As momentum continued for ShotTracker, the company landed a partnership with the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). Uproar’s strategy for this announcement was to share news locally in Kansas City, while also targeting tech and sports trade outlets to reach key stakeholders. The ShotTracker and NABC announcement saw coverage in Tech Cocktail, SiliconANGLE, Device Magazine, SportTechie, Sports One Source, Kansas City Business Journal and Thinking Bigger. Uproar also saw an opportunity to tell ShotTracker’s unique business story and was able to obtain coverage in Forbes, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Small Business. ShotTracker’s COO was also recognized in Inc. as one of 33 entrepreneurs, marketers and thought leaders to watch in 2016.

2016 kicked off with the announcement of a collaboration between ShotTracker and the largest basketball equipment supplier in the world, Spalding. This partnership announcement coincided with the launch of ShotTracker’s second product, ShotTracker TEAM. Spalding and ShotTracker partnered up to create a system that tracks real-time basketball performance stats in multiple player environments, an innovation the companies demonstrated at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Uproar worked to secure meetings with top tier publications, which resulted in coverage with CNET, Associated Press, Yahoo! Sports Radio, USA Today, AdAge, SportTechie, Kansas City Business Journal, Sports Destination Magazine, Furthermore, PC Mag, UnoCero, TechTimes, Slam and Upstart Business Journal.

Uproar consistently worked with ShotTracker to announce more athlete partnerships, including Mario Chalmers, WNBA stars Chiney and Nneka Ogwumike and WNBA favorite, Jewell Loyd. In addition, Uproar kept the momentum going to ensure ShotTracker had a consistent presence in seasonal coverage throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day gift guides, Father’s Day gift guides, summer sports trend pieces and general feature stories about the success of ShotTracker. This outreach resulted in top-tier coverage in GQ, CNET, Sports Illustrated, Wareable, Men’s Health, Tech Cocktail, San Francisco Chronicle, SportTechie and Engadget.

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VERT, a non-invasive wearable jump monitor, came to Uproar to announce its second generation technology, G-Vert in addition to its new partnership with leading compression apparel provider, Zensah®. Uproar was tasked with announcing the new tech at CES 2016 just a couple weeks before the show began. Uproar quickly began outreach surrounding the new product, positioning it as a new kind of wearable for injury prevention that doesn’t just measure an athlete’s calorie or step count but rather an athlete’s intensity in g-force units.

Uproar was able to secure a large number of in-person media meetings and technology demos for VERT at CES. VERT saw coverage in more than 90 publications, including TIME, TechCrunch, Engadget, Venture Beat, Fortune, Digital Trends, Wareable, Yahoo! News, Complex Magazine, The Verge, CNBC, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, Mobile Syrup, TechTimes, Examiner.com, SportTechie, and The Daily Dot.

VERT’s widely recognized success led to its partnership with the USA Volleyball teams that headed to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Uproar utilized this partnership, highlighting how both the men’s and women’s indoor volleyball teams used VERT technology during practice to stay injury-free and ready to play their best as the Olympic Games approached. Uproar was also able to offer interviews with top players and the head coach, which helped hook key media members to write in-depth feature articles leading up to the Olympics. This approach garnered coverage in Forbes, Sports Wearable, ISPO, CNET, PC World, Gadgets & Wearables, Info World, The Huffington Post, PSFK, Network World, Wearable Technologies, Futurism and two feature stories on TechCrunch.

In addition, Uproar conducted outreach surrounding VERT’s first official NBA client, the Miami HEAT. The South Florida basketball team became the first professional team to use VERT technology during practice, which resulted in a reduced level of injuries in players throughout the season. Uproar was able to obtain media coverage in men’s interest, sport business, sports blogs and tech publications such as SB Nation, SportsTechBuzz, SportsOneSource, SportTechie, Sports Business, Sports Wearable, Athletes Unfiltered, Wearables Magazine, and Yahoo! Sports.

Aside from the partnership announcements, Uproar continued to position VERT as a revolutionary wearable technology for athletes in national and local markets. The team secured coverage on FOX51, FOX35, TIME, Asia Today, Tech Tracks, SB Nation, Wearable Technologies and FanSided.


Uproar has worked with many non-profit organizations to help them drive awareness. Uproar not only has the experience to find unique story angles for top tier media coverage, but has also created strategies for fundraisers and events in order to boost attendance and donations. The Uproar team immerses itself in the communities where the organization serves, creating relationships with reporters and influencers in order to generate powerful media coverage.

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Uproar PR worked with Make-A-Wish of Northern & Central Florida to create awareness about the organization’s great cause by bringing powerful wish stories to the media’s attention. Uproar secured stories about wish kids, their families and wish granters across the Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville markets, and cities in between.
When a four-year-old girl battling congenital heart disease was granted a wish to ride a unicorn with her family on the beaches of Bradenton, Fla, Uproar knew it would make for a great visual story for the local TV stations. As a result of pitching efforts, stories ran on WTVT-TV and WWSB-TV, and stories ran online as well in The Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the websites for WTSP-TV and WFLA-TV.

Additionally, Uproar garnered coverage for a Texas boy battling leukemia who dreamed of meeting the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. Local online coverage posted from News 4 Jax, First Coast News, Action News Jax and Florida Times-Union. The story was also shown to more than 100,000 local viewers in the Jacksonville TV market on WJXT-TV, WFOX-TV and WTLV-TV.

Uproar helped support Make-A-Wish’s fundraising events through media relations. For Orlando’s Walk for Wishes, Uproar promoted a local story about an 18-year-old high school student who was diagnosed with leukemia and decided to forego his wish to help other wish kids. This story resulted in a segment on FOX 35 Orlando with a local viewership of 60,000. The story then grew to a national audience and was picked up by FOX 11 Los Angeles, FOX 5 D.C. and FOX 29 Philadelphia. In addition to traditional coverage, the teen’s story became popular on social media. Matt Overton, from the Indianapolis Colts tweeted at him, which resulted in a story from the Indianapolis Star.
Uproar’s outreach efforts were conducive in creating awareness surrounding the nearly 300 wishes the organization grants in 54 counties, and the need for active donors to make these wishes happen. While working together the chapter celebrated raising more than a combined one million dollars at its Tampa and Orlando Wishmaker’s Balls, an achievement that will secure even more wishes next year. Uproar’s media outreach not only helped Make-A-Wish grant more wishes per year, but it also gave wish granters the recognition they deserved for their charitable work.

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Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) is a statewide, non-profit, human services agency dedicated to helping all people in need regardless of religious affiliation, age or national origin. Headquartered in Tampa, the agency has more than 60 programs located throughout Florida.

Uproar worked with LSF to identify specific program needs, focusing on an individual service within the organization, while also looking for opportunities to elevate LSF’s overall profile as a growing nonprofit to help families.

Head Start
To raise community awareness of LSF and the Head Start services it provides, Uproar strategized a plan to piggy-back off the popularity of back to school media stories resulting in coverage in The Florida Times-Union and the St. Petersburg Tribune. Uproar also reached out to local TV stations in Tampa with personal stories of Head Start teachers, and placements were secured on WTSP-TV and Bay News 9. Finally, when construction completed on a playground built by LSF for a local school, Uproar reached out to local media with the news and an opportunity to interview the school’s principal about the addition. A two-page article was secured in The Belle Glade Sun, as well as inclusion on PalmBeachPost.com.

Mental Health
Uproar identified an opportunity to promote LSF’s mental health services with the addition of Dr. Christine Cauffield, Executive Director of the LSF Health Systems Substance Abuse and Mental Health program. Uproar used her as a thought leader in mental health, which resulted in her expertise featured in outlets across multiple counties, such as: Florida Times-Union, The Jacksonville Business Journal, Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Tampa Bay Business Journal. Dr. Cauffield was quoted in a Prevention magazine article about things to consider before starting antidepressants. Additionally, as an accredited mental health expert, Uproar secured her a spot on USA Today’s expert commentary list.

Youth Shelters
Uproar leveraged the success story of a volunteer and previous resident of one of LSF’s youth shelters in Pensacola, Fla. As a result, the Pensacola News Journal published an article highlighting her experience with the shelter and her path to success because of the support she received from LSF. Within two days of the article coming out, three separate people dropped off donations to the shelter because they had read the story and wanted to lend a hand.

When statewide cuts affected LSF’s guardianship program, Uproar immediately jumped into action to help raise awareness. Uproar made the trip to Sarasota to film ten testimonials of families who went through the program. These videos were used in crowdfunding efforts as well as media outreach. Additionally, Uproar worked to place an opinion piece from LSF’s CEO voicing LSF’s support of a senator’s guardianship bill. This was picked up by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, The Palm Beach Post, Tallahassee Democrat and The Tampa Tribune.

Uproar PR was a partner in LSF’s fight for funding, whether it be through donations or through state lawmakers. Uproar helped LSF identify core services to focus on and found unique story angles within those services to help raise awareness.

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The Orlando Science Center strives to inspire people of all ages to learn about science. Uproar PR works with the non-profit organization to accomplish that mission by raising awareness through media relations both locally and nationally. Locally, the Orlando Science Center wanted to attract new visitors to the center and to its events throughout the year. The Orlando Science Center also wanted to be positioned on a national stage, not only for the recognition, but also to encourage donations.
The Orlando Science Center hosts a myriad of events throughout the year and enlisted Uproar’s help in generating media buzz around these events to drive attendance. For large-scale, annual events such as its Maker Faire, the Winter Science Spectacular or Otronicon (the [O]rlando Elec[tron]ic [I]nteractive Entertainment [Con]vention), Uproar put an emphasis on pitching TV reporters because of the visual nature of the events. As a result of Uproar’s efforts, the 2016 Otronicon event had the highest attendance in the history of the 11 year event, Maker Faire’s attendance grew by 15 percent, and the Winter Science Spectacular event’s attendance grew by 22 percent.

When the Orlando Science Center was struggling to get young students to apply for its Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Uproar PR used its relationships with WESH 2 News to coordinate a TV segment, showcasing how the program fosters young creative minds. The spot resulted in seven more applications to the program in a class of just 15 students.
Uproar also helped position the science center on the national stage. In order to generate interest from national reporters about the Orlando Science Center, an uber-local organization, Uproar PR turned to thought leadership angles. By pitching the Orlando Science Center’s seasonal programs as accessible experiments for parents to get their children interested in STEM, Uproar secured coverage in the TIME Magazine parenting newsletter, which is distributed to more than 1 million subscribers. The newsletter was also available online, reaching 10 million unique monthly visitors.

Uproar used the popular topic of women in STEM to put the science center in the national spotlight once again. Uproar secured an opportunity for an Orlando Science Center panelist to contribute a blog to the Huffington Post about life as a female engineer. Uproar also used the science center’s summer camps to pitch an angle around summer learning loss for kids, which resulted in the science center’s vice president for education’s commentary in an Education Week article.
Uproar PR’s outreach around local events helped bolster the center’s ticket sales, while the thought leadership angles put the center onto a national stage, making it one of the premier science center’s in the country.

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With My Own Two Hands (WMO2H) came to Uproar PR looking to increase awareness of the L.A.-based non-profit in local and national markets in order to drive donations to the projects it supports. As a charity that helps underprivileged children in Africa, WMO2H also hoped to educate people on the issues that matter most to the organization.
WMO2H’s was raising money through a jewelry collection designed by Gorjana with 100% of the profits benefiting WMO2H. As a perfect gift for the holidays, Uproar PR pitched the necklace and bracelet as gifts that give back. As a result of this outreach, the collection was featured on Livingly, Conscious Magazine, Yahoo Style, Baby to Boomer and Kelly’s Thoughts on Things. Uproar also positioned the Warrior Collection as a unique Mother’s Day gift, securing coverage in Painted Ladies and Inspirations and Celebrations.

Uproar strived to put many of WMO2H’s fundraisers in front of the right eyes, in order to generate donations. WMO2H’s has a large following in its local community so Uproar created pitch angles to reach out to many of the newspapers and websites in the area. Uproar landed articles in Stu News Laguna, The OC Register, OC Weekly and Patch, putting the charity in front of the right eyes and increasing their donations.
Uproar also worked to put the spotlight on many of the issues impacting the lives of the children that WMO2H’s serves. Uproar pitched thought leadership angles around homelessness in Kenya among young girls. This outreach resulted in interviews with CNN and Newsweek.
Uproar also focused on telling the unique story on why its founder walked away from the WNBA to found the non-profit. For this pitch, Uproar targeted charity, non-profit and female entrepreneur focused reporters and publications. As a result of Uproar’s efforts, the founder’s story was told in MindBodyGreen, Lioness Magazine, The Glass Hammer, Mogul Mom and Headlines for the Hopeful, which also included a video feature.

Uproar garnered attention from outlets that positioned the non-profit in front of the right audiences to increase awareness and donations. The non-profit’s annual gala was attended by more than 115 people, including ESPN anchor Stan Verret, and raised more than $66,000, a huge success for the organization.

Restaurant and Food

Uproar has represented many top brands in the restaurant and food industries. We’ve launched new products, hosted grand opening parties and created ongoing strategies for winning PR campaigns. From national food brands to mom and pop eateries, we’ve created relationships with top tier reporters, helping us showcase everything from the business side of the food industry to the delicious flavors created by our clients.

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As Texas transplants now residing in Florida, the owners of Cocina 214 set out to develop a contemporary Tex-Mex restaurant concept. To tell this story and generate awareness in the Orlando market, Cocina 214 sought to create a partnership with Uproar PR.

Cocina 214 is located in Winter Park, an area of Orlando loaded with top-notch restaurants. In order to help Cocina 214 make a mark in the Winter Park community, Uproar knew it had to think outside the box. Uproar PR ultimately created an event properly titled “Running of the Chihuahuas” which takes place every year on Cinco de Mayo. More than 100 Chihuahuas participate in the annual race, shutting down a street in Winter Park and creating a fun spectacle for local residents. Not only did Uproar help coordinate the event, but the team created media relations campaigns to garner attention with coverage in the Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Date Night Guide, and on IC Florida. Local TV segments included stories on Fox 35, WESH 2 News, WKMG News 6, Central Florida News 13, and Bay News 9. Nationally, it’s been featured on outlets like PopSugar, Bark Post, and Petful. The team’s outreach bolstered attendance to more than 1,000 people, and it was named a “can’t miss” event in Winter Park.

Uproar also created a margarita contest to celebrate National Margarita Day. Guests submited their own margarita recipe and on National Margarita Day celebrity judges gathered at the restaurant to decide the winner. The winner received his/her margarita on the menu. This event allowed for guest involvement and interaction, but also allowed for a media relations campaign. Uproar pitched the contest both before and after the event. Articles appeared in the Winter Park Maitland Observer, the Orlando Sentinel and Examiner.com.

On top of event planning and outreach, Uproar landed Cocina in many top tier publications by focusing on the restaurant’s handcrafted food and recipes. The restaurant has been featured in with publications like USA Today 10Best, PopSugar, Budget Travel, The Daily Meal, The Latin Kitchen, People, Cheers, Drinkhacker, HellaWella, and Bplans.com. When the popular augmented reality app Pokémon Go launched, Uproar was quick to get Cocina included in stories on how businesses are capitalizing on the trend. Since Cocina saw increased foot traffic due to a Pokéstop on the restaurant’s patio, Cocina’s commentary was featured in articles on Mashable, Forbes, and Orlando Business Journal. A Pokémon Go-themed drink created by Cocina’s bartenders was featured on Orlando Sentinel and Cheers Online.

Uproar has also focused on travel media, since the restaurant is located in Winter Park, a destination for many tourists. Cocina 214 was featured in a Tampa Tribune article, as well as in an article in Virgin Atlantic’s in flight magazine.

Cocina 214 relied on Uproar to help the restaurant make a name for itself and Uproar delivered by creating ideas outside of traditional PR. A combination of quirky events and meaningful PR placements has made Cocina 214 a staple for local residents and travelers alike.

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Cosmos Creations, a snack company based in Junction City, Oregon, came to Uproar to help secure local and national media placements to bring attention to its line of premium puffed corn. With an assortment of different flavors and factors to set it apart in the snack industry, Uproar worked to pique interest and obtain coverage in a variety of outlets.

Uproar identified food trends as angles for outreach which garnered coverage in some of the nation’s top consumer publications. The Pumpkin Spice flavor was featured in POPSugar, The Daily Meal, Delish.com and Today.com. Uproar also highlighted the fact that the snacks are gluten-free, trans-fat free and non-GMO, resulting in coverage in Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Cosmopolitan Magazine, ABC News, POPSugar, Skinny Mom, Sugar Loco, and several others.
In order to further align the brand with promoting a healthy lifestyle, Uproar connected with FabFitFun, a subscription box and lifestyle website. FabFitFun included Cosmos Creations in its quarterly subscription box and was featured several times throughout the spring season. In addition, Cosmos Creations was featured on nearly 30 blogs and was featured on celebrity social media accounts, including Tori Spelling, Brandi Cyrus and many more. FabFitFun also included Cosmos Creations in its Fall VIP Party gift bag which was attended by several local celebrities in New York City.

In addition to consumer outreach, Uproar PR also garnered coverage in top trade publications. Uproar used its strong connections with influencers in the food trade industry to secure coverage in Prepared Foods, Snack and Bakery, Progressive Grocer, Fancy Food Magazine and several others. Additionally, Uproar secured coverage for its savory line rebrand in Gourmet News, Packaging World and more by highlighting the forward-thinking sales and marketing aspect of the rebrand.
Uproar positioned Cosmos Creations as the perfect, healthy snack for all ages without sacrificing taste. With the use of expert positioning, the team was able to secure high-level coverage and garner interest for an up and coming snack brand. Uproar successfully established a network of local, trade and national consumer outlets who were engaged in healthy, gluten-free and delicious snacks.

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Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group came to Uproar seeking a strategic and localized public relations campaign due to its restaurant brand, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House, returning to the Orlando area. Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Inc. is a collection of 48 restaurants across 20 states. Known for its unmatched hospitality, the restaurant serves up flawless cuisine that’s bold and delicious along with an extensive award-winning wine list.

To introduce the restaurant to the Orlando market, Uproar PR was tasked with planning a grand opening party. Through extensive research and personalized outreach, the grand opening saw more than 600 guests who were well-known members of the Orlando community. The event was the talk of the town, receiving compliments and praises on the fantastic evening. Coverage from the event even highlighted a few big names, which can be found in the Orlando Business Journal.

Leading up to the grand opening, Uproar identified different story angles to further create momentum. Uproar arranged hard-hat tours with key local media and influencers such as Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide and the Orlando Sentinel’s food critic, Heather McPherson, to share the first look as construction was underway. Uproar also coordinated smaller, more intimate private tasting events for specific groups such as concierges, event planners and well-known bloggers throughout the Orlando area.
Once the restaurant was open Uproar had to keep the momentum going. That’s when Uproar’s media relations team stepped in with fresh media angles to attract journalists and influencers to continue to write about the restaurant. The restaurant was featured on Orlando TV stations such as WESH 2 News, and has been written about on every major website in Central Florida including Orlando Fun and Food, Tastes of Orlando and Where Orlando, Unofficial Restaurant Review, Tasty Chomps, Orlando Signature and Orlando Weekly to name a few. The restaurant has been placed among the most prestigious in the food scene with awards such as Orlando Business Journal’s Most Upscale Restaurants and Orlando Date Night Guide’s Date Night Awards.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse quickly became a staple in the Orlando community. Uproar met the goals of introducing the restaurant to the Central Florida community and kept the community interested even after the opening by hosting events and continuing to push the first class experience.

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San Francisco, California based candy company, Gimbal’s Fine Candies, came to Uproar to launch its newest product, Cinnamon Lovers, and increase awareness for its existing product line. After signing on with Uproar, Gimbal’s saw a great increase in sales for not only its new product but its seasonal fares as well.

Gimbal’s busiest season runs from Valentine’s Day to Easter so Uproar implemented long and short lead pitching strategies and created campaigns to garner key placements in major consumer interest media. Media placements for these holidays and other food holidays included Good Housekeeping, Seventeen Magazine, Buzzfeed, RealSimple.com, POPSUGAR, She Knows, MarthaStewart.com, Livingly and many more.

During Gimbal’s “off season” Uproar didn’t let up, continuing to land top-tier media placements by creating unique pitch angles. Uproar brainstormed a fun pitch topic around jelly bean and wine pairings which resulted in coverage in Bustle. Uproar also focused on Gimbal’s allergen-free properties resulting in placements in publications such as Dr. Oz The Good Life, Gluten-Free Living, Celiac.com, Go Dairy Free, Allergic Living, Gourmet Fancy, Confectionary News, Gourmet Retailer, and Celiac-disease.com.

The team at Uproar also crafted strategies to grow Gimbal’s Facebook fan base. Uproar launched several sweepstakes promotions in conjunction with influential bloggers to help Gimbal’s annual Back to School, Valentine’s Day and Easter promotions earn almost 18,000 combined entries. This helped grow the brand’s page to more than 24,945 fans.

Uproar implemented a strategic media relations plan and leveraged its relationships in the media to put Gimbal’s in front of leading editors, writers and bloggers. The team successfully established a network of national publications and journalists engaged in Gimbal’s product offerings and positioned Gimbal’s as a must-have allergen-free candy.

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As Front Burner Brands, the restaurant group that owns and manages The Melting Pot restaurants, embarked upon a period of exponential growth, it partnered with Uproar to garner national media attention for its upcoming promotional campaigns, as well as strategic counsel for its local and national social media accounts. The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., the world’s premier fondue restaurant franchise, has more than 125 restaurants in 35 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and Southeast Asia, and more than 15 international locations in development.

Uproar immediately implemented a successful media relations strategy to garner consumer media, as well as media around the restaurant’s business story. Uproar used national food holidays as timely angles for fresh outreach. National Cheese Fondue Day garnered more than 80 media placements reaching nearly 45 million unique monthly visitors, including coverage in the national lifestyle outlet AllYou as well as top savings and lifestyle blogs such as Hip2Save and Southern Savers.
Uproar was also tasked with making a splash of The Melting Pot’s 40th anniversary. Uproar highlighted the restaurants new menu to celebrate the milestone, resulting in coverage on the Food Network and in Chilled Magazine. Uproar also leveraged the company’s business story, showcasing the longevity of the brand. As a result of this outreach The Melting Pot was featured in Forbes highlighting how the brand has evolved to stay current and meet tastes and needs of millennial customers. Melting Pot executives were also positioned as thought leaders in the restaurant and franchise industry for an interview with Business Insider.
Uproar also worked with the local Orlando Melting Pot to host a grand reopening party after a massive remodel. Leading up to the grand reopening party, Uproar scheduled hard-hat tours with key local media such as the Orlando Business Journal. This helped share the first look of the restaurant and gave media a taste of what the final product might look like. Additional outreach highlighted The Melting Pot’s uniqueness to the Orlando area which resulted in stories in Orlando Magazine, Orlando Date Night Guide and Where Orlando.

In preparation for the grand reopening party, Uproar sent out invitations to the top 200 guests, inviting them to the party while managing the RSVP list to ensure a magical event experience. The event went flawlessly, receiving multiple admirations of a wonderful evening.
Uproar worked to position The Melting Pot as the perfect casual and romantic restaurant where people of all ages can come to enjoy delicious food and an exciting experience. Although The Melting Pot has strong roots dating back to 1975, Uproar was able to leverage its existing media relationships and strategic approach to secure fresh coverage for both Front Burner Brands and The Melting Pot’s latest promotions and accomplishments.

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San Francisco, CA based family-business, Sugar Bowl Bakery, came to Uproar PR for aid in securing local and national media placements to bring attention to their line of bite-sized, mini-desserts. Uproar created a strategy to target several different tiers of media for Sugar Bowl Bakery’s products in order to provide the greatest impact.

Connecting with print and online media, as well as popular bloggers was a great source for product review opportunities and positive coverage for the brand. Family, food, baking and entertaining focused outlets provided great brand inclusion in stories centered on subjects like product reviews, gift guides and semi-homemade snack reviews. Using this approach, Uproar secured coverage on outlets like Today.com, Redbook, Food.com, Kiwi Magazine, MSN, Yummly, Living Well, and SugarLoco.

Uproar also secured a national television segment for Sugar Bowl Bakery on FYI Network’s Food Factory USA, which reached more than 70 million households. The episode took an inside look at the production process for Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Petite Palmiers, and included commentary from Sugar Bowl Bakery’s founder and CEO. Video clips of this segment syndicated on AOL Entertainment and MSN Food & Drink. As a result of this combined coverage, Sugar Bowl Bakery’s website experienced its biggest surge of online traffic for the entire year!

Outreach to national business and trade publications around Sugar Bowl Bakery’s business growth and success story led to coverage in FORTUNE, BusinessNewsDaily, The Huffington Post, SF Gate, Pastry & Baking North America and more. The culmination of this campaign around the founders success led to a mention by President Obama himself during a 2013 address on immigration.

Uproar’s ability to garner coverage around Sugar Bowl Bakery’s products, business story and various announcements led to year-over-year increase in web traffic and sales. From 2013 to 2016, Sugar Bowl Bakery’s unique visitors, page views and overall sessions on its site rose more than 100 percent.

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As Romacorp, Inc., the parent company of Tony Roma’s and TR Fire Grill, embarked upon a period of corporate and international growth, they partnered with Uproar to garner local and national attention for its restaurants. Romacorp also charged Uproar with launching its restaurant concept, TR Fire Grill.

In order to launch TR Fire Grill’s first restaurant, Uproar was tasked with creating media attention within the Orlando community around the opening. This strategy focused primarily around media relations as well as a VIP party giving key community members an opportunity to try the food. Prior to opening day, Uproar arranged private one-on-one tours with the media, resulting in fantastic coverage in the Orlando Business Journal and the Orlando Sentinel. The restaurant opened with coverage on The Daily City, Orlando Weekly, and a TV segment on FOX35 promoting the restaurants Sunday Brunch menu. To keep the buzz going, after the restaurant opened, Uproar hosted a VIP party, featuring 200 people from the surrounding Winter Park community and dozens of members from the media. The party was successful in introducing the new concept to the neighborhood, and TR Fire Grill saw many people on the guest list return for a repeat visit.

For the Tony Roma’s concept, Uproar was tasked with making a 72 year old brand feel younger. Uproar had fun with it, helping create promotions for trendy holidays such as National Margarita Day, which resulted in coverage on Money as well as on more than 30 different TV stations. On Tax Day, Uproar pushed a promotion offering a free dessert to all taxpayers, and the brand was featured on more than 80 online publications and blogs including: USA Today, Yahoo, Thrilllist, Bloomberg, Refinery29 and Forbes. Uproar also focused on bringing the brand back to families with features on the most kid friendly restaurants on Parade magazine’s website and also on MSN.com.

Uproar used thought leadership angles around grilling and barbecue to position Executive Chef Bob Gallagher as an expert. This landed a series of articles for CraveOnline including articles on an introduction of the head chef, tips on mastering the perfect steak, and advice on preparing ribs properly. Additionally, Uproar assisted in promoting a Tony Roma’s campaign called “Summer Shorts,” which included grilling tips, recipes and online videos of Chef Bob. Uproar kept the momentum going for the month-long campaign and garnered coverage on multiple blogs, such as Sharpologist, and also a TV segment on the NBC affiliate in Orlando.

As Uproar continued to build momentum with media coverage, Romacorp came to Uproar for help with its social media pages. Uproar handled the social media accounts for both Tony Roma’s and TR Fire Grill, managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for both restaurants. Uproar strategized with the Tony Roma’s team on two different brand voices for the TR Fire Grill pages and the Tony Roma’s pages. Since they’re very different restaurant concepts, the voices for each and how the social media content is presented must be different.

The Uproar team immersed itself in the two different concepts, helping to define the brands through strategic media relations and targeted outreach. Uproar helped brainstorm promotions and campaigns aligned with each brand’s voice. This resulted in an increase in sales for Tony Roma’s restaurants worldwide and a very successful launching off point for the new concept, TR Fire Grill.